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    It’s autumn, the boards are coming back to life and it’s good to see some information starting to flow. Instead of the usual, hard vs soft debate, how to cut skins, weight weenie vs clydesdale conversations I’d ask “what did you do over the summer?” and “how are you getting through the mud season?”

    I worked. I daydreamed about weekends. I climbed rocks and learned how to stand up paddle.

    I don’t like mud season but it’s a good time to clean up the sleds and get them ready for winter duties, do some trail maintenance on some of my favorite approach trails, remember how I feel about cold drizzle on windy ridges. It’s the snowboarding social season of movie premiers. It’s time to get the kit together and find that other lost glove and replace the batteries in the transceiver. I’m also trying to savor the anticipation of another winter of fun in the mountains.

    So, how are you guys coping with no snow?

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    Mountain biking. . . that is until I fractured my patella showing my nice how to work a skatepark. Now I just stare at mountains and hope my knee is good enough before snow starts to fall.

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    90hr work weeks putting fiberoptic in the dirt & mountain biking when I could. Now it’s back to this school thing I signed up for (and mountain biking when I can…).

    That was Pontus

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    I believe that if you can bike at 12,000ft you can split up anything. And I did a lot of biking over 12K this summer, and lots of bike rides with climbing around 5-6K in the day. Those long brutal climbs I just kept telling myself, “keep pushing, imagine how much pow you’ll be riding this winter”. One thing I switched this year was using Strava. I previously had shunned it, but it was great, because I could tell how much I was riding, if it I was getting faster, and it kept me motivated. Seeing someone else do a ride, you’d say I want to go do that! I’m probably going to continue to use it (in private mode) this winter for those stats. Its cool to know how long you were moving, how much vert you climbed last week vs this, etc. I’m interested to see how this winter goes, because I feel good going into the season. It’ll be cool to see if or how it translates, because I have a few vert goals for the season.

    “Mud season” I’ve been fishing more. It hasn’t really done anything for the fitness, but its mentally great, and allows some balance to other activities. Also, I’m close to the desert, so will be continuing to bike up until the snow flies! I’m assuming splitboarding will start in about a month around here.

    I also bought new liners for my hardboots, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be faster 😉

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    I think you’re right about riding bikes at 12k. Heck, any fitness at 12k will translate into better splitboarding. I notice a difference getting above 7k a couple of times in a week. The first day sucks and I can go back a couple days later and be much happier. I’m starting near sea level though so 10k is really my local limit.

    Lots of bike riding, it makes me think I should get another bike that I can pedal. My only bike is a DH sled and I’d rather go climb these days than spend a day in the bike park.

    Does anyone have any big goals this year?
    My fiance and I were going to chase couliors last winter but then the winter didn’t happen so I think we’ll do that this year. I’d like to get a day with 10,000ft of vert but that will be a huge day for me.

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    Sorry to hear about the patella Hans. At least it’s a break and not torn soft tissue. I hope you heal up quick and you should be in time for the heart of the winter even if you miss the late fall tours.

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    The theme for me this year will be “Climb more, do new things, and be safe”.

    My goals
    1) 150K vert climbed in the year
    2) Climb over 8K in a day
    3) Climb over 12K in a weekend
    4) Climb over 30K in a cumulative 7 day period
    5) Do at least 40 distinct ski runs / lines
    6) Ride 10 new runs that I have not done before
    7) Submit at least 3 pit profiles to avalanche centers
    8) Back off at least 3 lines in the year

    My thought is that would be pretty good for this weekend warrior. It will be cool to track my vert throughout the year. Not something I’ve done before.

    I like the idea of doing different runs. I feel a lot of people around me I see doing all the same stuff. I personally want to work up to being the guy doing 10K days and different fun lines in a day. So that fits with that.

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    Good list of goals, I like it. It’ll be a fun winter if you manage to get through it and should make for some good trip reports.

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    Lived the gluttonous life of a travel + lifestyle photographer. Drank wine, ate decadent food, spent way too much time in the car and not enough on the trail. Got fat and out of shape. It was one hell of a good time, but early winter is going to be a ballbreaker.

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    I’ve seen a few pictures on instagram, apparently the struggle is real. 😀

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    Didn’t lead the gluttonous life of Strainer but did do some biking, bike touring, heli biking.
    Went to most of the ladies World Cup games, damn yankees.


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    Your summer is our winter, so I tried to spend as much time camping in the mountains as possible. We’ve got a great network of huts in the Australian alps, so I was mostly based near the one in this video. Lots of skinning footage while testing my new spark bindings.

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    Splitboarding. And in summer i drink beer and cook dead animals over charcoal, oh and gardening. I love gardening.

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    Did alot of rock climbing trips with the family and started leading some trad. Can’t wait to get back on the splitty tho!!!

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