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    I’m waiting on delivery of a Panasonic LX7. I was actually thinking about an LX5 as a replacement for my well loved LX3, which is going to wifey, and was very pleasantly surprised to see the LX7.

    Things that sold it to me:
    f1.4 at 24mm
    f2.3 at 90mm
    in-built ND filter to allow longer exposures (blury motion) or larger aperture (blury backround) in bright conditions.
    250 sec to 1/4000s shutter speed
    sweep panorama
    HDR function (possibly gimmicky, possibly great)
    full HD video with manual shutter speed/aperture control
    time lapse mode
    11fps burst
    5fps continuous with continuous autofocus.
    aspect ratio switch on the lens barrel (inc 1×1, which is on the LX3, but buried 12 button prsses into the menu)
    aperture switch on the barrel
    hotshoe-mount with electronic viewfinder available. I’m not sure whether I’ll get one of those (they aren’t cheap), but I might well. I do miss it compared to shooting with the SLR. There’s something more involving about composing an image up close through a viewfinder, rather than at arm’s length on a screen, which has me concentrating more on getting the best composition.

    Looked at the Sony, but it’s a good slice more money, and its biggest advantage, sensor size, is in part mitigated by the faster lens on the LX7.


    I’m no expert. I am looking forward to getting it in my sweaty mitts and getting some images with it, though!

    While I’m on, here’s one from the LX3. Honeymoon in Utah, Porcupine Rim in Moab:

    Not a huge amount of artistic merit, and it doesn’t show off a great deal about the camera, but I like it anyway. Amazing day, amazing trail, pretty amazing bike, too!


    Nd, they are very comparable in stats, I’d say. I haven’t messed with RAW photos yet, mostly due to time. But I’ve been impressed with the Nex-5N’s low light performance lately. Now that I’m figuring it out a little more.

    I am getting a little noise, but thats probably user error, and not a beefy tripod causing some shake.

    And how fast it captures burst. I can do 10 frames per second, which I’m excited for snowboard season with.

    And the sweep is killer, and super easy to use

    I’m def stoked on the new camera and ready for snowboard season!


    It costs nearly $3000, but Sony has released the world’s first fixed-lens compact digital camera with a full frame sensor. Another game changer.


    yea that rx1 is a beast – i was playing with one in the store the other day. fit and finish on the sonys is a+. i have a nex 7 and an rx100. rx100 owners should know about this product if they don’t already: . it can also be modded with a step-down ring and some super-glue to be filter-mount for whatever kind you like. the magnet is super strong.


    Perfect. I’ve been wishing for a polarizing filter. Thanks Shredlife!


    my pleasure – it really is a smart little piece of kit. shipped extremely fast too. google or search dpreview for milsart or millsart magfilter hack for the mod.


    also for rx100 owners – you know this can be a slippery lil camera since they made it leica-sexy with no grip. there is something called the Franiec grip, grips from flipbac for a bit cheaper, and faux-leather skins like this one: to make the camera easier to hold on to.


    for point/shoot, h20proof and shockproof we’re really stoked on our sony tx20.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)
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