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    I’m planning a long trip into the hills and want to bring back-up gear with me. Instead of waiting for the day the gear busts it, I thought I would order ahead.

    Any experiences with broken tip loops, yink yank clips, etc.?


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    I’ve had a heel lift break or come off of two splits. Have heard of the tip clip breaking.

    Also always carry extra slider pins (this has saved my ass twice) and extra 6mm flat-head screws in case one or more fall out.

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    Hvorden har du det?
    I always carry a spare pin. I’ve never lost one, but i’d had them pop half way out a bunch of times while skinning.
    I’ve also had a couple tip clips break, but they are riveted on and you can get by without them, so I don’t carry any extras.
    The bolts holding the toe pieces loosen up on me once and a while, so I always bring a tool to tighten them back up.
    Other failures i’ve had have been long term wear, so check all your parts after the board is a few years old.

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    Are we talkin’ Burton or Voile hardware?

    Burton – too long to list. 😀

    Voile – too short to list. 😀 Just bring a spare pin? I also carry a couple extra t-bolts and screws.

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    I’ll third the slider pin, mine pops out at least once/tour.

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    I lost a heel lift once (now replaced with a tele version, they don’t match), and I do keep an extra pin in my pack (never lost one, keep them wired to my bindings).

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    tak for hjælpen SRA, det går bra, hvor er du i verden?

    got me a mtn gun, planning a winter trip to the lyngs or sunnmøre alps, here in norway.

    the extra pin i think is a real good idea, as is the t bolts and screws. this is my first split, so i am anxious to see how it will hang. anything has got to be faster than the shoes ive been dragging behind my tele friends.

    any recommendations on a taller heel lifter?

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    You should also think about spare parts for your bindings. If you are using traditional bindings there could be several nuts, bolts and spare straps you want. Also some small cord can be handy to tie things up or replace a shoe lace… Lots of duct tape on your poles will let you fix em if you brake em.

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    any recommendations on a taller heel lifter?

    You can get taller climbing wires from voile here:
    You can swap the standard wires for the “SD Tall Climbing Wires(2) 72mm”. I have a set of these but I haven’t tried them out yet.

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    I carry a bit of bailing wire, a leatherman multi tool and duct tape in my pack, never had to use any of it in 4 years of split boarding. Just take care of your gear and take care of your gear. You don’t go on a road trip and not check the oil…

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    You should also think about spare parts for your bindings.

    If you plan on using the crampons, make sure all the pins, even the spares, are long enough.

    I have more failures with my bindings than my split. I typically carry an extra of all 4 straps, and have had to use all of them on either my bindings or on a friends binding.

    If you are using Burton bindings, keep in mind that the toe ladder strap can slide out if it is not connected to the other strap when the board is split. I switched to Ride bindings this year because of the strap issue. In addition, the Ride bindings are metal, not plactic like the Burtons (broke 3 pair if Burtons while skinning because of the ovehang).

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    Question related to this:

    Does anyone know of a shop (Colorado or Internet) that carries spare binding parts like straps?

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