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    Total noob here. Im 6’2″ 190lbs living in Steamboat. Just finished my first season of xc ski. Had a blast! Grew up surfing in FL.

    Now a friend has this 168 superfly 2 board he will sell for $300. Never been used. No bindings come with it. I don’t mind good paying for good bindings. Hopefully the board is a good one? And hopefully I can use my brand new asolo titan gv shoes? And hopefully I can get started before the back country snow melts? Any tips and/or opinions, serious, funny, otherwise, greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance

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    I doubt you’ll have fun snowboarding with mountaineering boots.

    Have you ever been snowboarding before?

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    I am such a noob to split boarding. Just put my hands on one and saw it for the first time like three days ago. When I bought the asolo two months ago I briefly saw post eight in this thread

    So I am definitely getting off on the wrong foot here 😆

    I used to snowboard often, back in the 90s. Actually went twice this year.

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    @FloImSchnee wrote:

    I doubt you’ll have fun snowboarding with mountaineering boots.

    All depends on the boot. I have lots of trips that were tons of fun in mountaineering boots. There was some trial and error (read suffering) involved in the learning process of finding the right boot.

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    When I first started snowboarding all I could find was mountaineering boots and I still had tons of fun!

    Not ideal, but don’t let that stop you 🙂

    Bindings: your best bet may be the Spark Burners. Proven pin + crampon system (some issues seem to pop with the newer system), hopefully reduced prices on past years’ models.

    A softer boot will give you a more surfy feel, while a (modified) AT ski boot will help you get more technical. Btw, how do you feel about noboarding?


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    Yeah, noboarding looks SAWEET!

    Having fun is the bottom line! While realities of money must fit in too. Well that is for most of us. Im thinking I can save money with some good hard boots because I can use em for skiing too.

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