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    Went out for a tour yesterday to the north side of red peak which is visible from my office as I write this. Been meaning to do this one for a few years.

    Long but pretty mellow approach. No Wind till we got above tl then it went nuclear. But I can locate my house in this picture, that’s kinda cool.

    Looking down “Big Eyes”


    Looking back

    Then I rode back all the way to my house.

    Glad to have done this one and have some new ideas for other lines that jumped out at me from the panoramic views of the Gore.

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    slaying things viewable from your house = awesome. In vancouver I mostly only get to bike or hike peaks around here, but it’s still good to point out to your friends you were on top of that

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    Any of this look familiar?

    Need to get back there for some more fun.

    Cheers! :pals:

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    Thats a sweet line nice work. Need to give ‘er sometime.

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