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    hello all

    i am new to the forum n is wondering what is everyones setup for riding?


    things like that. just FILL IN THE BLANKS.

    Thank you.

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    easy enough.

    board: 66 NS legacy
    boots: Plain ol busted up Vans
    binders: Burton Mission
    pack: BCA backcountry stash Alp 40
    Jacket: sadly the nicest piece of equipment I own, Cloudveil Koven. Love it for touring and just lookin savy in.
    Pants: Hot pants…they’re sooo hot.

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    board: Mtn. Gun
    boots:Salamon malamutes
    binders: Burton Customs
    backpack: DaKine Helipro
    jacket: can’t remember name but a mountain hardwear softshell
    pants: Marmot something or other

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    Board-Mtn gun 171,or S series 162
    Bindings-Burton C-60’s
    Boots-Vans BFB’s
    Pack-Osprey Switch 36
    Jackets-Got a Cloudveil Koven on backorder,use a burton 2in1(the shell)
    Pants-Bonfire somethin

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    Board- Mountain Gun 171 or Voile’ 178 homemade split
    Bindings- K2 V10 Magma with shortened toe ramps
    Boots- Malamutes
    Pack- TNF (don’t know the name), BCA Stash?, Arc’teryx Khamsim
    Jacket- Arc’teryx Sidewinder, M.H. Mitheral or softshell
    Pants- Arc’teryx Minuteman

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    Board – Nitro Naturals homemade split
    Bindings – Ride LX
    Boots – Nitro Darkseid & hoping to get some Koflach PMB’s soon
    Pack – Osprey Switch 24(day) & jansport(overnight)
    Coat – Montane w/Event fabric(love that stuff)
    Pants – Worn out Gore Sessions

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    i’m assuming, our splits:

    Board – NS 166 Legacy (core) with Premier topsheet
    Bindings – Burton mission
    Boots – malamutes
    Pack – 3 diff dakine’s
    Coat – pataguche puffball, golite shell, golite fleece
    Pants – brand new sessions gore

    affix snow
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    board:Never Summer 165 T5 Core/ SL Topsheet
    boots:Scarpa Matrix/ La Sprotiva Nuptse
    binders:Voile Mtn. Plate/ Burton Cartel
    backpack:DaKine Poacher and Heli Pro/ Osprey Ceres
    jacket:Mountain Hardwear Tenacity Descent/ Alchemy Softshell
    pants:Mountain Hardwear Tenacity Bib/ Burton AK 3L

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    board: Winterstick Split
    boots: Salomon Malamute
    binders: Bent Metal Carbon
    backpack: North Face ?, Dakine Backcountry, Burton AK for overnights
    jacket: Marmot ?
    pants: O’neill 4-way stretch ?

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    board: voilé mtn gun 171
    boots: soft: burton ruler SI / hard: raichle snowboarder121
    binders: soft: burton SI-X / hard: old burton variplate mounted directly on voile slider tracks
    backpack: the north face chugach 35 board / burton zoom pack for foto- & touring equipment
    jacket: the north face (different modells w/ hyvent, gore-tex xcr or softshell xcr)
    pants: the north face (a light gore-tex xcr pant)
    shovels: voilé + ortovox
    probes: voilé + ortovox
    beacon: ortovox m2 + f1 focus

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    board: mtn gun 171, Voile FR 166
    boots: Scarpa inverno
    bindings: Voile hard plate
    pack: BCA stash BC rider and Osprey Aether 90 for long hut trips.
    Jack: Arterryx beta lt?
    pants: Mtn hardwear conduit bibs full leg zips

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    board: Voilé FR 166
    boots: Salomon Malamutes
    binders: Salomon SPX
    backpack: Osprey Switch 18
    jacket: Arc’teryx Sidewinder
    pants: Millet K-Pant

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    board:Prior Khyber 166ish. (getting an NS as soon as I get the cash)
    boots: Driver x/ sl7’s
    bindings : Ride Migs
    backpack: bergmans of norway guide pack/dakine heli pro
    jacket: Burton ak 3L
    pants: AK 3L
    Poles: Voile three piece

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    board: Voile 178ST & 166Khyber
    boots: Burton Driver X
    bindings: nidecker carbons
    backpack: BD anarchist
    jacket: Marmot Genesis
    pants: Marmot
    poles: BD expeditions or whippets

    K Dan
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    board: Burton S series 162 (voile hw)
    boots: Salomon malamutes
    bindings: Ride flight series
    backpack: (small to large) BCA stash, osprey switch 18, osprey Aether 70
    jacket: arcteryx from the clearance rack
    pants: burton AK

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    from a smallish woman…

    board:prior khyber 150
    boots: salomon ruby
    binders: drake f-50 lady
    backpack: heli-pro
    jacket: softshell
    pants: cloudveil koven

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    board(s): Voil Freeride 166, Swallow 178
    boots: Nuptse, Burton Hail
    binders: Drake, Ride LX
    backpack: Voile avytoolpack
    jacket: Patagucci softshellermerother
    pants: REI softshell/hardshell hybrid, Arc Ter beta ar
    poles: Masters 3 piece

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    board: Voile FR 166
    boots: Scarpa Matrix
    bindings: Voile Mtn. Plate
    Backpack: Burton AK
    jacket: North face HyVent
    pants. North face ??

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    board: 162 Machinist proto #5 : 165 Prior
    boots: looking for a new set
    bindings: Ride Flight Tomcats
    pack: Dakine Heli Pro : Osprey Switch 55+5
    jacket: Burton AK
    pants: Burton, REI, Oakley

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    board: Prior Khyber / NS Titan Split on order (yay!)
    boots: Old Northwave Legends / Even older Koflach Superpipes
    bindings: Ride LX / something weird I’m building
    backpack: Arc’teryx M30 / Osprey Exposure 66
    jacket: Patagonia ?White Smoke?
    pants: Some kind of Arc’teryx shell – I wish it had more pockets.

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