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    Wasatch surf (Dan) and I left Utah for a few days and rode some stuff out in Nevada. Day One:

    We headed up Pilot Peak as a storm front rolled across the West Desert.
    Got about 2/3 up the hill. This mountain has a lot of potential.

    Day Two, I was hoping to head up into the Deep Creek Mtns, but travel on the extensive dirt roads to get there seemed ill-advised due to the wet weather, so we headed to the Rubies. Here’s Dan on the way to Terminal Cancer:

    I disappointed Dan by pulling the plug on this one when we were about 2/3 of the way up it. There was an inch or 2 of fresh when we left the car, but close to a foot and steadily accumulating once we were up in the business part of the chute. No photos due to dense snowfall and a desire to get the hell out of this large slidepath as healthy sluffs were running into the gut from both sides. Still a fun run from where we dropped, but I for sure would like to get it from the top in less sketchy conditions.

    We then headed over to Baker, NV:

    Day Three in Great Basin National Park was spent putting in a skinner and digging the Bristlecones. I particularly love these trees (named my business after them, planted a baby one in my front yard) so I always get stoked to spend time around them. They just kick ass.

    Some of the interesting terrain in the south part of the Park:

    Day Four we summitted Jeff Davis Peak and dropped the Ditch:

    Looking up,

    looking down.

    It a pretty cool chute, starts at about 12750′ right off the summit, and dumps you down next to the only remaining glacier in the Great Basin region, just above the main Bristlecone grove. A highlight day of the season for me for sure.
    Here’s what the Cortex currently looks like, starting from the low point on the ridge, for those of you who like water ice and rock bulges in the middle of your chutes:

    It was an awesome time, filled with stark desert vistas, solitude, adventure, Mitch Hedberg, crampons and whippets, OFWGKTA, increasing car funk smell, and that feeling of comfortable insignificance that comes with spending time in vast remote terrain. Dan you rock, thanks for rolling with the ever-evolving plans, for your healthy irreverence, and for being such a solid travel companion!

    Rico in AZ
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    Awesome TR.

    A few years ago I was telling my wife I wanted to pull the plug on living in society, move to northern Nevada, buy a single-wide and a couple snowmo’s and splitboard all the great basin mountains. Now I see that I would have gotten just what I wanted.

    Looks like a fun road trip. Thanks.

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    Most awesome dudes! :headbang:
    Been thinking of doing a GB trip in the coming weeks, thanks for the motivational stoke.

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    Way to motivate guys. I think you tagged the most aesthetic line in the cirque at least from what I saw up there last year. Well done, super jealous. Now when the hell was this cause I didn’t see blue skies in the forecast, lucked out I guess. PM me some beta when you get a chance.

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    Eastern Nevada?! Who knew…? Great TR guys. Looks like some incredible vistas and riding.

    wasatch surf
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    I had an amazing time on this trip. Some great stuff out there. Thanks to Bucky for putting up with me and my tampon wearing.

    More pics and a small write up on my blog

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    Great Basin shredding at its finest!

    This picture is super duper cool:

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    Good stuff boyz!

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    Well done gents…

    Bummer about Terminal thou…just remember its not going anywhere. Pulling the plug is never a bad idea.

    wasatch surf
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    thanks for the kind words fellas!

    here is a video edit of the trip. it’s kind of long, but whatever. I’m bummed I didn’t get any footage of the long desolate drives from spot to spot. or hanging out at the silver jack.


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