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    Hey All…

    Had another great weekend here in Northern Utah. Got off my lazy butt and the snowmobile seat and did some long distance (for a pansy like me) skinning. Spent a nice Friday afternoon in great company (Eric, and the 7 Sisters).

    This was our first trip into this area and we decided we “likeitalot”!

    Me skinning across a nice and crusty south slope… just waiting for the slip of death!

    Rolling up to the summit… nice view from the top!

    Mandatory summit shot… yes, it was frickin’ freezin’.

    Great way to spend a Friday… I should have been at work. It’s a cryin’ shame!

    Finally, an action shot. It was sweet bliss.

    After a late start in the morning, we were pushing it to make it back to the TH by dark.

    This shot is from Sat. the 11th. Just off of the north side of White Pine Knob. Found a nice little chute that got my ticker going.

    Drop it like it’s hot!

    All in all, it was a great weekend. Bluebird, good snow, and good friends. Oh, yeah. Like Powpow Hunter says… “Utah sucks. Go home and tell your friends.” 😆

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    Looks fun…nice sluff shot.

    you need to put the IMG in front and once more behind each of your links so the picture will show up for everyone to see.

    You just have to click the Img button and it puts the correct brackets and stuff for you. I’m sure someone else can help better.

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    so how do the rest of us see those pictures?

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    yeah, so I put the IMG in front and in back of all the photos… they work when I view them… I don’t know what’s up! Maybe I’d better stick with the webshots link… here it is! (Sorry, I really didn’t think that I was this completely computer illiterate!) I even did a search on “posting pictures!”

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    I think it’s webshots blocking them from loading because it sees that they are linked on a forum. If you try to view each photo directly it works, right click on the photo and view it in a new photo, worked for me. Nice pics, nice work. I wish my girl would get after it like you do.

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    o.k. So I tried imageshack as a web host and I think the pics work now. Let me know if its still screwed up! I’ll get this down, eventually.

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    It’s working now!


    Nice pics but I have to ask, why would you leave your sled unless it was at the bottom of the slope you were going to ride?

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    Looks like a nice weekend boardergirl. I was stuck here in town partying all weekend, but sacrifices must be made. Hope this storm they’re saying will hit tomorrow night will be a good one. Looks like the snow’s still nice but we could use some fresh. I’ll be back out gettin after it this weekend. I’ve never hit the knob either, but I’ve stared at it enough from boiler bowl and majicland and it still begs me to be dropped every time. Ive got two nights at the blind hollow yurt over spring break, but I’m not sure if we’ll make it that far over. Keep it up, great pics.

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    We actually took the sleds in about 10ish miles to the wilderness/non-motorized boundary. That’s when the fun began. As much as snowmobiles stink and are loud and annoying… they make my life much easier. We ended up with a little over 4000 vert and about 7 miles of pure joy in the wilderness… with no whine of snowmobiles in the background. Very nice.

    Hey Powpow… get up to the Knob if you haven’t been there. It’s pretty sweet. Chicken Hill just to the south is an awesome ride too. Great for higher avy danger days. The bulk of the pics were actually very close to the Blind Hollow Yurt. The Seven Sisters are pretty much strait west of the yurt. Drop into Cottonwood and then skin up, up, up! You’ll be really close on your yurt weekend. Elmer really needs to be wrecked! It looked so nice, but just a little too far for the daylight we had.
    How is Magicland? We’ve been trying to get there and haven’t done it yet. Boiler bowl is also a sick ride. There are some crazy steeps at the bottom! Good times!

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    @boardergirl wrote:

    Drop it like it’s hot!

    and how hot it is. :mrgreen:

    great TR.

    Looks like an epic day with a great crew. 8)

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