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    I spent 4 days in the backcountry above Whistler, B.C. a couple of weeks ago. My digital was broken at the time, so I had to wait for my slides to get developed, hence the delay with the TR. You can read it at:

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    That’s some impressive terrain….. Way to get out there and get it….

    Favorite photo.. Nice camera exposure, great terrain, only negative is the skier instead of a boarder 😆 j/k.

    Second fav, just love the terrain:

    Thanks for sharing….

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Sweeet trip report. What a killer trip, man. Sounds/looks like a lot of fun.

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    Good stuff and nice pics. The Wedge area has some great wide-open terrain. I’ll have to hook up with you and the rest of the Washington crew in May for some shralpage.

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    nomad, yeah we should hook up for a trip when you come out here. Keep us posted!

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