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    Rode Waterhouse today. The powder was too deep. I made only a couple turns on the way down. My buddy and I broke trail which made for a tiring slog. I’d say about 1.5 feet of primo powder over a mostly rock hard base. We noticed a couple areas where the base might not have frozen solid, yet.

    This pic is of the cornice at the top, half of which broke as I approached it, and the other half broke with only a few kicks. The terrain immediately under the cornice is pretty flat, so the small slide it created did not travel.

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    I thought you were coming to Powderhouse? It was epic (gimpy and crew had already broke the trail and there was bottomless snow everywhere), P-house has a better fall-line for boarders too. Only saw 2 other people the whole day. Maybe next time.

    Cool pics of the cornice, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Ps. I think what you were feeling in the snowpack (unconsolidated) was the old rain layers punching through.

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    Yeah, I thought I was going to Powderhouse too. Definetely would have been more turns for the effort. I agree about the fall line/steepness of Powderhouse being superior. But one of my buddies talked me into exploring his secret stash in Hope Valley…which he couldn’t find b/c it was snowing so hard, and then got his truck stuck twice, and then he talked me into Waterhouse. Which actually was fun in a brutal powderslog sort of way.

    The shots from Powderhouse looked pretty wonderful.

    I checked out Flagpole from Chiapa today and the lower third or so is that Manzanita snow that Towelie described on Tallac.

    Hopefully more snow and winter temps are coming.

    Flagpole Peak through the fog with thin coverage on the lower third or so.

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    Skinned up to the base of Flagpole of Friday hoping for a little ride. No dice. Manzanita about half way up. Even with the fresh dump, I’d guess it would still be a little thin on the lower third. Creek was still flowing near the neighborhood.

    Saturday at Powderhouse was $$$ though. It was dumping hard and about 12 to 16 inches up top by noon. Now it’s probably really $$$.

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    Broke trail at the “house” this morning with Tyler, Danny, and James. All I can say is the chit is deep. April 17th, 30″ on waterhouse. Gotta love it !!! 😆 😆


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