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    Myself, steveo, Larry form Vertical Drop Snowboards and another dropped Waterhouse this morning, started at 5:15am and followed skin track about 3/4 of the way up before it was gone due to new snow. Heavy winds from the west creating wind ridges and loading the bowl big time. I would not head into the Bowl today at all . We dropped the North tree fall line from the top and the snow was epic. kee deep pow, super soft and fast.

    Still dumping here in meyers. Winds are howling at 9,000′

    Pictures to come once I figure out how!


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    here’s some pic’s….i hope!



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    close jim,

    after hitting the image icon,paste the photo properties link after it, then hit the image icon again so the properties is inside of the two image icons. You only have the one image icon.

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    Ok, thanks powderjunkie we’ll try it again .

    Larry Babbaganush & friend skinning up, the trees giving respite from the wind & snow.

    mountainvoodoo and Larry Babaganush nearing the top.

    Stevo getting the goods on the way down. Too bad work starts at 8:00 or we would consider doubling it this morning.


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    i think you need to link to the image url too…the webpage should end in a jpg. like this…

    on a mac you hit control and click on the image and it is opened in a new page. can’t remember how to do it on a pc but it’s pretty easy.

    it’s a pain but it works eventually.

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    Thanks Dave.


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    @mountainvoodoo wrote:

    Too bad work starts at 8:00 or we would consider doubling it this morning.


    Our thoughts exactly this morning. Incredible blower snow it twas.

    And thanks for the skin track work, Jim.

    And I know Larry, he excavated my foundation! Good to see him out there too.

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    nice work mountainvoodoo!

    On the turns, pics, and finally gettng them posted. 😀

    Looks much better than the start of my day. Keep em coming. 8)

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    Just had to share some pics of the 15-18″ of Powder this morning on Waterhouse at a little after sunrise….

    Pyramid peak in the morning sunrise

    Larry Babbaganush Skinning up in the powder

    Mountainvoodoo enjoying May powder !


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    you’ve got to be shi*ting me!

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    woohoo! 8)

    way to get some MVD! could be the last pow of the season…i’m green with envy.

    too bad it’s not colder this time of year or there would still be some for the weekend crowd.

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    There’s talk of another storm next week now. Bring it! 😀

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