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    Does anyone know of a place with a Water-Jet that will cut a snowboard in the Denver metro area?



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    Try DenCol Steel Co. in Denver, CO. I’m not sure they’ll do it but I’ve bought alot of steel from them and they cut to size. I’m sure they have a water jet. Warning: sometimes they can be real dicks on the phone. Just stay calm and explain your situation as best as possible. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the lead, and nice AR!

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    I found a Water-Jet guy in Denver who is willing to split boards for me. I am getting ready to do a run of boards in the next few weeks.

    Let me know if any of you are interested in getting this done, as the more boards we can get will lower the overall price per piece.

    Cheers! :drinks:

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    Anyone tryed waterjetting some magnetraction? seems like the ideal tool for the job.

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    I would be down to get this done, but I’ll still on the search for the right board. When do you think you’ll go? What is the cost per board?

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    I sent you a PM…

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    how did the waterjetting go?

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    How much does it cost to have a board cut via a Water-Jet shop?

    Thinking about splitting an old Burton Custom (5+ years old) and trying to talk my punk brother into splitting an older NS Legacy. I might even split a third board for another person, it is a Lib Magne Traction board.

    I’m in the Denver Metro area.


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    Can’t help you but I have like a 8-10 year old custom that I will be splitting in the next couple weeks. Not 100% on method yet (skill saw, water cut, hand saw). Be interested to hear how your experience goes if you beat me to it. If I end up splitting mine, I’ll post to my site. Curious how much the water jet is myself. I’ve heard ~$50 from others in other areas.


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    I never got my board cut by the waterjet guy, it was too expansive for just me alone. We would need at least 4+ boards to make it reasonably priced. I am trying to to find another source here in town but haven’t really put much effort into it (just riding now).

    Let me know if you find anyone or can put together a few boards for cutting and I might try to get back into contact with him. I also may have another source, but again I am really just riding at the time being.

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    Hey Pedro,

    I’m looking to get a couple of boards cut. 3 maybe. I’d love to hook up with you and get a discount on the water jet. I’m going to be in CO from April 6-16/17ish.

    Let me know! Thanks

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    Hmmm. I picked up a NS SL factory split during the last sale events but I wonder how much it would cost to water-jet a board at the discount rate? Possibly could talk someone into joining up for a DIY split.

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