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    Well, after some very public calls for the rain to come and kill all this nasty hoar frost… We got rain! Freezing rain! Sleet! Rising freezing levels!
    For as far as the forecast is capable of looking. The possibility now exists that some of the local ski areas with shallow bases may have to limit or close operations. Snoqualmie Pass chairlifts are currently closed due to a “magic shell” of freezing rain. This brings to an end two+ weeks of outstanding backcountry conditions. Since the last big dump many of the areas I frequent have been holding old powder, wind transported softness and a magical 3-4 inches of hoar frost. Hoar frost is so fun to ride! It’s like ball bearings under your board, really fast and loose. The rain has brought my obsessive powder quest to an end for now. Time to catch up on chores and everything else that was put on hold. If this rain keeps up I will be selling my snowboards to buy a schweet set of frisbee golf discs. Otherwise known as Folf. Say it with me, Folf.

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    i believe that’s “frolf, at least that’s how they say it here in hella norcal

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    I like the metalic sound hoar frost makes when riding it.

    This rain shit does suck, but keep an eye on the east side, looks like it might stay white above 4000′ over there. Blewett has some really good terrain… if you have a sled… 😈

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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