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    Hope to update with occasionally with improving quality edits as the season goes. Feel free to be a critic.


    Just a quick attempt at editing from this past week. Kinda tough on a tablet…. especially when you have no skills to begin with.

    A little rough, but it shows how good the conditions where this week.

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    ale, thanks now and always for all the kind words you send my way. Stoked to see what you capture with the cam this year. Good start.

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    Yeah buddy!

    Looks like I shoulda been riding instead of moving 😥 We’ll have to do some tag team footie this year. I love the music selection

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    :disco: Great Job . That was fun. Can you send some of that snow down here? If not Im heading north

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    Nice video! Looks like some fun terrain. I need to go check it out!

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    Nice edit Ale! Love the terrain around there.

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    Thanks for sharing the stoke :thumpsup:
    What was that song? Young Blood Brass Band?

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Thanks guys. Hope for mAny more fun days like that this year fo everyone.

    wasn’t sure if it posted. For some reason I cant watch videos linked from here. It just shows a blank box. Tried watching your sunset cliff ones a couple of times, tex. Give me the direct address. Been wanting to see your air footage. Pow window is closed here for now. A little soggy, so give it a week. If you make it up this way, your always more then welcome here. Plus, we can fullfill all your 502 needs at

    Song is trombone shorty, shortyville, say this to say that.

    Saign, ill have to come and check out your new place, and get an editing tutorial.

    Kyle Miller
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    I love how your dog gets more face shots in one day then most do all season.

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    cool edit. looks like some fun riding!

    i like how new orleans music somehow goes really well with riding. i’m listening to galactic this morning and thinking about snow.

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    Fun day on chritmas eve. Tried splicing together footage from two cameras. This is B.S.’s cut.

    A little rougher then the first. Having a hard time finding an app up to the task. Guess smart phones arent made for editing hd footage. This got bounced around between two, and took way too much time.
    Music is not really choreographed, so turn off the sound and listen to whatever you want.

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    maybe i’m a little biased, but that video is sick!!

    the sun and rime made for some great aesthetics; i’m glad you put in a lot of the ridge hiking footage. thanks for letting me borrow kololo’s camera, i’m pretty stoked to have finally seen a run from my own POV. next time i’ll know to track a fixed object with my head and try to keep it level. and go faster!

    i like that song a lot, it seems to transition appropriately along with the sections of the video: from hiking to hippie riding to the steeper section.

    thanks! gonna go watch it again.

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    Looks fun! Even a lean start is better then mid winter in a lot of places.

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    My pleasure ben,

    I had more rhyme walking, less downclimbing, and a few other things I screwed up on thd final cut. You where riding faster, but your camera was on slow motion. I had no way to speed it up, but it worked I guess.

    I got a new/used cp, so I wont have the inferior tools excuse anymore.


    It’s really not as thin of a start as it is high. Depending where you are, typical, snow line is 1 or 2 g higher. Been lots of, storms with fl in the 5-7 range.

    Was up on the columbia glacier a week ago and the line we rode last winter was filled in. The lake was as least 12 inches of solid water ice. Deffinatly had a continental december… minus the depth hoar, which actually did start to form, before it squashed by rain.

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    Another rad video. I wish I would have got my messages to join you…

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