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    april 30th/may 1st

    What a great weekend here in the wasatch. I woke up on saturday to hear that it snowed over a foot in the hills. I called my buddy Darin and we headed up to Argenta. Argenta has blown up in terms of popularity this season and i’ve avoided most of the year however i figured this would be one of the last chances to get it in good snow this season so we joined the herd of 10+ cars at the trailhead, strange thing was we only saw a few other people on the skinner and skiing down. We rode the from the top down right next to the cliff and the snow was hero.

    Old Man Winter Still Holding On


    Darin all smiles as we reach the top of Kessler

    The next day was special for me. Bucky and I went to Einstein’s Bagels(that’s not the special part), and had a breakfast while we eyed a line both of us have wanted all season. It looked filled in and we decided to go for it. It’s not the gnarliest thing out there but it’s super aesthetic in my opinion. I’ve heard it called the hourglass and the manta ray/sting ray. I like manta ray so that’s what i’m calling it. After some walking and a lot of skinning we were standing at the top. Bucky dropped first a pulled out a large sluff that ran hundreds of feet. The strong morning sun had warmed the snow enough to make it cohesive and the sluffs increased with size and speed with every turn. Because of this I rode really conservatively and Bucky and jumped from safe spot to safe spot. I wish i could ride these chutes as fast and as smooth as some of you dudes, but the sluffs and the rumor that the choke sometimes has an ice bulge in it kept my vagina large. Nevertheless it was an awesome tour in what is becoming my favorite zone(the special part.) Thanks Bucky!


    The Spot

    Zoomed photo of our tracks from Wasatch Boulevard

    Spring is an amazing season and this year especially it seems to be a season of contrast. The mountains are full of snow, the rivers boiling with water, the grass is green, and the city is fun to play in, life is good…

    Night Life



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    Cool, I’ve had my eye on the ‘Manta Ray’ as well. Strong work!

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    Pics are looking sick, nice work.

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    Beauty pics, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Well done dudes! :headbang:

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    Love it. You guys have been banging ’em out this season.

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