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    This is a general warning to all splitters, skiers , boarders, telemarkers and anyone else I may know or pretend to know.

    If your area gets rideable snow I will be showing up at your: doorstep,camper,trailer house, local shelter , teepee or anything else you consider your “abode”.

    I suffered last season till January watching others slash pow, well not this year kiddies. If you post a trip report about riding and you live in the Lower 48 I will come a knockin.

    I wont be there for too long but if you look out your window and see a burgandy subaru wagon with no hubcaps that would be me.
    Make sure you have some coffee for me


    i’m down yo.

    Don’t know you personally but have read enough of your stuff to know we’d get along just fine. When it starts dumping in Central Oregon drop me a line and we’ll make it happen. Extra room in the house and extensive knowledge of killer b/c stashes. And you have to eat my wife’s kick ass food.

    we’ll keep the light on for ya.



    Tex, if you make it up this far, I have some space. Plus I know a little bc around here.

    Jlag, been a while. Been a few since I’ve been to Bachy/Tumelo area too. Maybe this is the year…


    Done deal. With any luck I’ll be living in the NW in the next few months, you’re welcome to crash on the couch, as long as you bring PB&J.


    u know you got a place to crash in bozeman if u make it to our neck of the woods. Just be ready to drink whiskey and shoot shit…. oh wait there might be some decent riding as well.


    tex, I would love to shred jackson with you any time your in town.


    On your way up north (you can’t miss Oregon) stop by my bachelor pad here in the Napa Valley. I got the whole month of January off-I love my job! :thatrocks:
    We’ll be Hullin’ it in no time.

    Hull (left) and Snow Mountain(right) as seen from Mt. St. Helena, Napa Valley

    My back deck


    Tex,if you make it over to Coloradbro, come on up to the Fort and see my backyard on Cameron Pass. I have the ultimate bachelor pad in Old Town and only 70 miles from epic SCHRALPING, this goes for any of you other schralpers as well!

    gotta split

    Hey Tex, no snow yet here in Crested Butte. Myself I can’t wait :bananas: I’ve been a waxing my new Never Summer and even my old Burton just thinkin about fresh turns. When winter is here you should check it out lots of backcountry right out the front door. Hope it dumps again this year. :bow: I will be on the look out for you in my driveway in Dec. Let it snow… Dave


    doubt youd be hanging in Denver, but you got a bed if you do!


    You can stop by my house…to pick me up! Just make sure you have plenty of supplies for safety meetings. I’d hate to get into an accident.

    Stagger Lee

    If you find yourself heading to SLC and need place to crash your welcome at my pad. I’ve got a Mormon, Inc. liquor store within walking distance.


    @Stagger Lee wrote:

    I’ve got a Mormon, Inc. liquor store within walking distance.


    Been there done that. 😉

    If you got one within walking distance, you are set up!
    Do me a favor and shred Headwall Forest at Solitude for me.
    I loved that resort.

    Stagger Lee

    Mr Jib – Sounds like you did some time here. Them momoes are crafty fuckers. Strange, but crafty.
    The Headwall is nice stuffs. Consider it shreddeded :drinks:

    Now, on with the Tex love.


    I’d let you stay at my place,but i’m pretty sure schralptowner has a bigger couch. Unless,of course,you’ve got the stickiest of the icky. In which case your more than welcome to stay on my fine rug……it really ties the room together :doobie: :thumpsup:


    I’ve been around my share of harvest houses and I have to admit that the product TEX brings around is always icy sticky. :bananas:


    Huuummmmmm, lots of good choices here, I like the utah snow, monitor bowls ect, dregon and washington are “just up the road”

    Colorado-never been ridin there……..hummm

    Montana,Wyoming and Idaho-good terrain good people lots of good whiskey :guinness:

    All of em sound good.May just have to quit work and go on a sabbatical Thanks to all of you, now lets see where the snow falls

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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