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    I have been reading this forum for a number of years.

    It has been a few years since I have been Splitboarding. I have splitboarded on 3 continents in all snow types and terrain. I am interested in a shorter more versatile board then my previous Prior BC 172 Split. In steep narrow couloirs or wind effected peaks the 172 was too long. Great in pow! I will post specific questions on equipment in their respective sections.

    Matt Wood
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    What are you riding for a solid? Have you considered DIY?

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    In my opinion, coming from being a daily surfer to riding pow at mt. bachelor regularly, I love my Salomon Sick Stick 163, which is solid in all conditions on the mountain. So, this year is the first year for Salomon to make splitboards, and they will be making a Sick Stick split. If I had the money, I would buy myself one of these without hesitation. The board is so surfy and playfull. I have ridden quite a few boards (solid boards) in pow (at bachy) and love that board. I’m sure others have their favorites, and it may not be ideal for technical stuff, but I wouldn’t know. I have a diy Rossignol Krypto 164 mid wide, which is great in all conditions with hybrid camber and rocker. Oh I am 6’0 215lb and wear a 11.5 malamute.

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    Burton Spliff 148

    yep, I said 148. Im 6ft, 180lbs size 11 .5 shoe and I love mine. Dave Downing came up with what he calls “Nug Reduction” It does work. I have ridden it in deep pow and it doesnt sink, turns like a Porsche in trees and hold a great edge in hardpack.,default,pd.html

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    Well, I spent the last week digging out old gear, adjusting and modifying everything.
    I will have at least four boards of varying shapes and rockers to dial in and figure out my preferences this Fall.
    I am going to retry the Prior 172 BC Split Hybrid Rocker with a new boot and binding setup.

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    My K2 has been my favorite. May send it to Sick Splits.
    I have liked the feel of cambered boards the best, going back 20+ years.
    Keeping 2 rockered boards to retest this Fall.

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