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    The board is a 160cm ’09 Khyber with the Haida Eagle black topsheet and a red base. It’s in very good shape but you can tell that it has been used (small nicks in topsheet and scratches on base). There are no coreshots, blown out edges, or anything that impacts board performance or even really mars the aesthetics.

    It’s a great board but I’m looking to get onto something more optimized for the snow and terrain I find myself riding the majority of the time from my base in Southern California. I’m interested in a straight up trade for a similarly sized prior backcountry, venture or storm (or zephyr), or other similar handmade factory split. Ideally we’d also swap skins along with the boards as mine are obviously already cut for the board. If your board is newer or more valuable I’d be willing to send some cash along to sweeten the deal.

    Let me know what you’ve got!

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    Hey Silver. just curious, what do you believe the Kyhber is best for/ optimized … and what are you seeking to better suit your ride. Good luck in your search. :thumbsup:

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    The Khyber want’s powder, lots of it – and the dryer the better

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    More or less what he said. The Khyber is absolutely incredibly for trees and playful pillow lines in powder. The spoon nose floats really well and the board turns on dime due to a relative short radius and tail. The short tapered tail is really easy to whip around and slash. I’ve also enjoyed it for small drops (in the 10′ range).

    Basically, I’m looking for a board with a longer sidecut radius, more effective edge, and less taper with the hopes that it’ll handle firm conditions at speed with a bit more confidence.

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