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    So I came across some pics a few years ago on summit post of Sacajawea in the Wallowas. I’ve been hooked.., Finally have the possibility to car camp and tour out there two days next week.

    I’m broke I can’t afford yurts… looking for day trip suggestions, general beta on where to head for some fun stuff and getting acquainted. General advice would be awesome. Anyone know if skinning from wallowa lake is doable or stupid? it seems they plow there from what I’ve found on the internet.

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    Probably not many that know that region on here. I might post the same question on TGR. Had a bunch of skier buddies just go out there to the huts but not quite sure about the locations and such.

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    I’d say for your first time just go and camp in the Salt Creek Summit sno park. Plenty of space, day trippers to get beta from and great access to some good terrain. Going from Wallowa lake could work, but more driving and not sure if it’s plowed all the time. If you’ve got the legs/fitness you can drop peaks from the SCS lot.


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    Thanks guy’s I think I’ve answered a lot of my own questions with a lot of additional googling…. I’m excited to finally scope the area and will post a TR if I accomplish anything when I finally get to go.

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    We were just out there last weekend – there’s plenty of fun stuff to access from salt creek. Basically get up on wing ridge and you can drop either side.

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    And don’t forget Terminal Gravity brews while you’re out there!

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    @jefe009 wrote:

    And don’t forget Terminal Gravity brews while you’re out there!

    Yeah, if they’re open. They have weird hours and only open wed-sat 4-11pm.

    Joey, I don’t think sacajawea peak is a good idea this time of the year. Coverage looked pretty scarce of some parts of each aspect from the photos I came across the internet. Four of us just got back from a hut trip out there this past weekend and there’s plenty day-trip option within the Salt Creek Sno-park. You can check this site out They have some trip reports near Wallowa lake.

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