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    kyle christenson

    Nomad and I left Bozeman in the begining of May, heading west towards the mountains. I just got a camera cable to upload the images so here they come……Oh and sorry no TR’s to explain all the trips.

    First stop Vantage

    Nomad Cleaning a rock route at Vantage on the Drive to Seattle. Quick lunch break!

    Second stop Mt. Rainier

    The next five are all of Nomad ripping apart Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier

    An avalanche ripping down Liberty Direct while we rested at thumb rock.

    Nomad passing seracs on the Carbon Glacier

    Leaving with Liberty Ridge dead center on Rainier

    Changing gears to Mt. Snoqualmie on a tour of Crooked/Slot Double Shot!

    Nomad dropping at least 20ft into Crooked Couloir

    Nomad with a nice carve in the sun on Crooked Couloir

    Moving on to the North Cascades

    Myself with a good vantage point for a panorama shot

    Patrick learning to ski with the Tripplets, Cascade Peak and Johannesburg inorder from left to right in the background.

    Sunrise from the summit of Mt. Sahale with Mt. Buckner back right

    Nomad approaching the summit of Mt. Sahale

    Myself making some turns down the north couloir of Buckner. I quickly turned around and rejoined Nomad on the summit due to icy conditions.

    Nomad enjoying corn on the SW face of Buckner

    More corn

    Myself rejoining the Sahale Arm with Buckner as the backdrop

    affix snow



    You guys rock! 8)

    Thanks for consistently bringing us the stoke. Great pics.

    Seconded on nomad’s air too…..SICK! 🙂

    That route does sure beg to be skied too.


    Fanfunkintastic-Way to be on the journey boyz…great photos of the Endless Winter…what is next on your list?

    Mad props!


    And the number of sweet lines on Buckner!! Holy shit. The whole mountain has kick ass lines. The summit lines, the big steep bowl with several hits, and then some narrow as couloirs to lookers right.

    Are your lines in the photo?

    Nice bluebird sky. Let’s hope you had some sunscreen. Good commitment on the tree climbing pano shot.

    and yeah, nice 20+ footer with speed Nomad.


    Wow! You guys truly tear it up. Nice work! With the snowpack here melting out before our eyes, it’s good to see the coverage up there, especially after last year.


    The wait for the Kyle/Nomad TR is over & as usual kicks ass!!


    These pictures are like crack to me 😯


    Way to get after it guys.

    Too bad the North Couloir was too icy; that’s a sweet, sweet line. BUT it looks like you had it plenty good on the Southwest Face, which is another beauty I haven’t had the pleasure to ski yet myself.

    If you’re still in the neighborhood and looking for fresh Cascade Pass peaches you should drop me a line. As always, I have unfinished business…


    you guys are incredibly fucking awesome.

    looks like you had fun too. 😀


    You guys are awesome – I’m really stoked that you post such rad stuff on this site. If Nomad ever checks in, I’d be interested in hearing about how he uses his ice axes during the descent. I couldn’t help noticing his dual axe, spike-down style. I don’t know if this move has a name yet:

    I propose “Freddy Kruger Air.”

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    Thanks for posting Kyle!

    As I wrote in the previous TR, my axe technique involved the following:

    My technique for riding down involved a technical ice tool in my left hand and mountaineering axe in my right. If I came to an unexpected icy section, I would swing my technical tool into the snow, throw a picket in, use my mountaineering axe to chop steps, attach my board to my anchor, then gingerly take it off and use the steps to put my crampons on. Oh to not have hardboots…

    Those photos with the dual axes really do look ridiculous. We didn’t end up encountering ice on the way down, so it wasn’t really necessary. I would have held the technical axe at its handle, but felt awkward doing so. The mountaineering axe was held like that for potential self arrest. It appears that I’m ollieing because I was doing some sort of jump turn…. “Freddy Kruger Air” indeed.

    I would’ve really liked to tag the north couloir on Buckner, but another couple hours would be necessary for it to get soft. It was already 1pm when we rode the SW face. We still would have had to negotiate one of the rotten snow/rock notches on Boston for the return. Amazingly, it was the only slope anywhere in the vicinity that was icy. However, the SW face was sweeeeeet corn. It went well with the George Clinton & Parliament tunes reverberating in my head from the previous night.

    Oh, and the bootpack up the runnels/debris on the north face was interesting as well. Good times.

    Kyle in Crooked

    Booting up slot


    I skied the North Couloir with powder conditions, like so…

    Because of the walls on both sides and steep north-facing aspect, it might not get enough sun to regularly turn to corn. Who knows? Sounds like you made the best of it.

    I have similar theories about the couloir above the Ice Cliff.

    Couloirs with powder in winter, faces with corn in spring? Whatever lets you git ‘er done. Nice work though fellas.

    Jon Dahl

    I toyed with going up there Sunday, but I was solo so I went to the Blue Lake trailhead on Hwy. 20, went up behind Liberty bell. Snow softened up ok by noon, only have a few non-interesting photos-no riding pics. How was the approach up where you went? Enough snow up on Sahale arm for a June trip? Might have to squeeze it in.

    kyle christenson

    There is enough snow up there for a june trip. The end of the road has not even melted.

    It dosen’t look like the weather will hold up for a return to the north cascades before we head back to montana next week. Sorry Sky.

    Oh, and i know what you mean by unfinished bussiness………Liberty Ridge


    How the hell could you self arrest with that set-up? Not ripping your style, seems like you know what your doing. But how do you self arrest with one a tool in your other hand? For getting yourself out of an icy/dicey situation that’s a really good approach. But falling and trying to self arrest looks like a nightmare, with stitches.


    WOW. way to get after it. I need to get my a** in gear and get up to N. Cascades sometime soon.


    I realize that it may not be the best set-up. However, I usually see self-arrest as being a last-ditch effort, where my chances of survival are less than 50-50 (otherwise I would be able to stop myself normally). In such a case, I would not care how ripped up I was, just whether I was alive or not.

    It would be somewhat difficult to not get tangled in the 2nd tool while arresting with the first. I was trying to balance the desire for self-arrest capabilities with the desire for stabilization on ice. I would say that the ice stabilization would be most important since it would prevent one from falling into a situation where self-arrest would be necessary.

    That said, this was my first time riding with two tools and am open to suggestions or critiques. I’m almost always riding with one or no tools, so this was an exception.

    Thinking about it, it might be ideal to have the 2nd tool available to whip out when nearing ice, then stowing it for other times.

    2 cents?

    Jon Dahl

    @nomad wrote:

    2 cents?

    I think that a single tool is the best option. You need to get pressure on the pick quickly, and the best way is body weight. One tool eliminates a split second spent choosing, which in turn means less acceleration till you stick it. You loose a fair amount of vert in any fall ’till you slow yourself down, even on less steep slopes. I’ve proven that to myself 😳 However I still am up in the air about which pick. I use a standard mountaineering style pick on mine, had a very experienced guy tell me this was my best choice.


    Having a way to stow it seems like the best option. It seems like whatever method you use, it would be useful to practice with it in a more controlled environment first… and it would probably be, um, “interesting” practicing self-arresting with the two-tool setup. 🙂

    This seems like a market opportunity. Someone needs to invent a glove that has retractable whippet-like picks on each finger. It could have a voice-activated sensor that activates the claws on the words “Oh Shit!” Then just slam your hands into the slope and you’re like spiderman!

    Seriously, nice pics, sounds like some great trips. That pic dropping into the chute is so great! So was the landing somewhat soft or were you dropping 20′ onto 3″ of corn on hardpack?? 😯

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