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    I ride the 07 driver x and absolutely HATE them. The lower string rubs my ankle to form a ot spot and ever time I go out weither spring or winter my feet are soaked. They ride fine but the soggy feet drive me crazy.
    Im trying hard boots out and Im finding some are great and others …not so great.

    I wish someone would make a soft boot that would keep my feet dry like a hard boot.

    Im looking at every option at this point

    Stagger Lee
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    Hey Tex,

    You mention a lower string rubbing your ankle and forming an ot spot. Is this the string from the liner?
    What’s an ot spot?

    I ask ’cause I’m hoping to score some Driver X’s this winter. I tried the Malimutes (06/07’s) but didn’t like the way they mated up with my Burton C 14 binders.

    I’m looking for some 9.5’s if your looking to let em go.

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    up up litte thread 😉

    I just bought DriverX’08 and I rode them for one time : climbing 1100 meters with miniskis (my splitboard is under construction 😉 ) and down in powder with my snowboard…
    i feel these boots are increadibly stiff but you have a lot of precision and power with them. Like Nisseman, difficult to do small curve between trees, and some hard curves with a lot of fear… 😯 😕
    these boots need power to be ridden…i hope the stiff will be softer after rides and rides…

    but, the big issue is the fact that my skin on the tibia is liked burnt by sliding skin / liner…
    for people who used these boots, did you face this issue durign your first rides ? is it OK now ?

    thanks in advance, and sorry for my english, I am french… 🙄

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    bumpy … my old K2 Raider boots are destroyed. What’s the experiences with durability on the DX’s and the Mals? Wondering if any of the concerns have been justified.

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    After searching the forum and not finding much, but recalling Tex’s earlier post, here’s a little bump.

    My Driver X’s (’06 or ’07, can’t remember) also get way soaked every time I wear them. For those out there with similar problems/experience, what do you do to try to keep your feet dry on a tour, or to dry out the boots? It seems like they just don’t dry, even after a week of sitting on my floor to air out.

    I love the way the boots climb and ride and don’t really want to look for something else. Any tips out there as to what to try? How to dry the boots on a multiday tour (taking the liners out and sleeping with them didn’t do a whole lot)? How to best dry them at home?


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    I rode burton drivers a long time ago and ruler and driver step ins after that. When I rode a lot in Europe I would pack them with newspaper pretty tightly for about an hour or two after riding then repack them very loosely. Mine were always damp after a day riding the resorts and this method worked decent to put me into dry boots the next morning.

    I don’t know if the newer driver x’s would respond to this but it might help at home. As for on tour, tough to justify carrying a bunch of newspaper but there use to be a company that made very large dessicant packets that I used in my Pathology lab back in the day. If you can search the web for a very jumbo sized dessicant pack it might draw enough moisture out at night to be drier for the second day’s ride. Most of these dessicant packs can be slow baked in your oven to dehydrate and revitalize them.

    Not sure if this will work for you, but it could be something to consider. Nothing is worse than putting on wet socks or a wet skull/helmet liner, but wet boot liners is pretty close to as bad.

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