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    yes i can NOT make up my mind. i have Burton SL-6’s love em but might be too soft for this. PLEASE VOTE. 😀

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    I just went with the one that fit best for me and that was the DriverX. Picked up last years model, brand new for 205.

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    sounds like u should buy both that way your ass is covered and you won’t regret a thing

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    Dude- you really just have to try them both on and go w/ the best fitting most comfortable one. Each foot is different so someone else telling you a malamute over a burton isn’t going to matter when it comes to your feet.

    Scary Mc
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    My Driver X’s just showed up. Given, I’ve only had them on in the house but they are way stiff. Much more stiff than the ’05 32 Forecast’s that I wore last year.

    FWIW~ Scary

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    @Scary Mc wrote:

    My Driver X’s just showed up. Given, I’ve only had them on in the house but they are way stiff. Much more stiff than the ’05 32 Forecast’s that I wore last year.

    FWIW~ Scary

    I have a pair of Malamutes the replaces a set of 04′ 32 Forecasts. They are pretty stiff, but not crazily so (I’m only 150 lbs). The Forecasts, while the stiffest boot 32 has, weren’t really that stiff (I even used the optional tongue insert to stiffen it up more). I have narrow feet.

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    Thought I would keep the thread alive and add my .02.
    I just returned from the store with a new pair of ’08 Driver Xs. I have been a dedicated Malamute rider for too many years too remember, but I tried on this years Malamute on one foot, and this years Driver X on the other, and much preferred the D X’s flex pattern and fit. Talking to the shop guys, their opinion is that Burton has really tried to improve the D X for this year, listening to the feedback they have been getting from their top dealers.
    In comparison, the new Malamute was softer than the D X, and softer than previous years models of Malamute. Also, the forefoot volume of the Malamute seemed to have increased a fair amount, to the point where my medium volume foot seemed to be swimming in the boot more than I would like. I suspect the dual zone lacing on the D X will also be nice feature for splitting, easy to loosen the cuff for touring, and perhaps the Vibram sole will be an advantage in scrambling situations-I hope so, most softboots really do suck when rcok scrambling around couloir entrances!
    Now, lets hope for a season with lots of snow, so we can forget about gear, and get to rippin’ some lines!

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    I just picked up a pair of 07 driver x’s recently. Burton boots have never fit my feet well and I have always stayed w/ DC and Vans but after comparing these to the DC allegiance it was obvious something had changed in Burton’s boots. Apparently Burton put a lot of dough in to R&D on last years boots and completely changed their footbed and mold. …and it really shows in my opinion.

    Kind of worried myself though, they are stiff as Fuck!!

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    @snownskate wrote:

    Kind of worried myself though, they are stiff as Fuck!!

    Don’t sweat ’em feeling stiff. I was thinking the same thing when I first put my DriverX’s on. Since then I’ve grown to appreciate the extra support, almost feels like cheating. Toe side turns are easier, skinning is easier, kicking steps is easier, etc.. I can’t remember how I got by without ’em. Also you’ll find they loosen up a decent amount after a few trips.

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    Fuck both of them. I had a pair of Mals and had a problem with the lacing that nearly got me killed. I sent the boots back to Salomon and they sent them back to me as I sent them to them. No letter, redemption ,nothing. I think Burton has dropped the ball on durability. Nothing Burton seems to last more than 1/2 season around here anymore.

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    Graf is right – the only way to know is to put ’em on your feet. I tried on both and settled on Malamutes – far and away the best snowboard boots i’ve owned: supportive as hell, no foot pain, and they don’t suck (much) when you’re scrambling over rocks or step-kicking.

    You might have a tough time finding a shop that has either in stock, much less both, in MA. I bought mine in the northeast too – it was a pain finding ’em. Call around though, it really is worth trying them to make the decision yourself.

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    Wilderness House has Malamutes, dunno about Driver X’s.

    You could order some DX’s from REI and return them if the malamute feels better. They have a no-questiosn asked return policy.

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    Can you fit a pair of Grivel G12’s on a pair of either boot ( DX or Mal )?

    Here are a pair of the Crampons on ebay to give you an idea:

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    I’d suspect you could put the G12’s on the drivers. I’ve got a pair of Grivel Air Tech lights (aluminum) and they fit on my Ions and old Drivers nicely…..

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    I love the Malamutes. I rode (and still do occasionally) hardboots. I wanted something stiff, responsive, comfortable, and reliable. I don’t know anything about the drivers.

    Love ’em so much that I just picked up a pair of ’06 Mals for $

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    I use The Driver X (Intuition liners) with the G12’s they work great .

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    I picked up a new pair of 07 Drivers in the middle of last season. I had previously rode out two sets of Burton SI boot and binding sets and would have done it again if they were still making them. I know I’m one of the few that liked this setup but I never had a single issue for four seasons , not on a split of course. Anyways, I thought I wanted a stiff boot so I fit and then ordered the DX’s. They are stiff beyond belief. My first two or three runs were scary, crashed my way down the first dozen turns and was terrified to get into the trees because I couldn’t hardly move. I thought I’d made a big mistake. After about a week I started to get the feel for these boots. They are absolutely bomber in the steeps and the crud. You feel like you could power through anything that stands in your way. I still don’t have that easy going take it as she comes feeling in the tight trees, and riding switch is still a little awkward too but I’ve definately grown to dig these boots. They are the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn and the lacing system kicks ass. So I would recommend the DX’s with a strong caution that if you’ve only ever ridden soft boots they will likely blow you away with how stiff they actually are. I haven’t tried the Mal’s but a good friend has been riding them for three seasons and absolutley loves them as well.

    Rico in AZ
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    Got out in my new Driver X’s yesterday.

    Some initial thoughts: First (and worst): the liner rubbed the shit out of the front of my shin. Bad. Is this because they are new and not broken in? May just have to wear a tall sock. Second: They are ridiculously stiff. Is the adjustable liner really necessary with the already stiff upper? The liner string is a pain in the ass, I couldn’t really get it tight, being way down in the boot.

    Is the Intuition liner the answer? Yoda13, which Intuition liner do you use?

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    I’ve got two days on my new Driver X boots and love ’em. The first day took a little getting used to as they are super stiff. A few minor tweaks to my highbacks and they’re great. I rode them in deep pow the other day and I could really power through everything. The steeper terrain feels bombproof and they rock for hiking.

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    I am riding a prototype but you can contact Intuition sports to see if they can make you a pair of the Alpine custom power wrap or the Comp. liners they both work much better then the stock burton liner 604 879 9231 they are a great company to work with and can address your needs ask for Rob or Crystal

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