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    Yes I have become a shameless whore.

    Maybe some of you guys have wondered, hey where has Storn been at? Or maybe you haven’t even noticed my absence from this site over the last year. Surely though, if you think back, you will have noticed a marked reduction in the number of poo and pot jokes on Yeah that’s because I’ve been distracted from my true calling.

    I’ve been working, working over the last year to build a startup company called DeliciousNutritious. I am happy to say that we are operating and selling stuff. It is the culmination of an ungodly amount of effort, stress, and dollars. I even missed the whole splitboard season this year. 😥

    You can check out my stuff here:

    Anyway, now I’m trying to raise investment dollars. I created a profile of my company on some startup site and they are having some contest that could win me some exposure dollars if I’m lucky or perhaps some exposure and abject humiliation if I’m not.

    So please… don’t leave me hanging. I’m counting on my online pals to vote for DeliciousNutritious:

    Vote early and often. Maybe if I win I will blow the investment money on some pimped out snowboard shack. And then you will all get your turns to become shameless whores.

    Oh here’s a poo joke for you:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there.
    Poo Who?
    Poo poo.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    I voted, can i get one of those stickers now?

    I like the concept, pricing seems really cheap too, do the employers have to pay into this or are there limits to how many employees have to be signed up before you deliver to a business?

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    Well normally I disapprove of whoring, but since you are my friend I will support you for it.

    And it is also OK for the sake of snowboarding or snowmobiling. IMHO 😆

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    I’m all for whoring and I think the food is grubbing!!!!

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    Hey, thanks you guys for your votes. :thumpsup: They really do help, actually. I only have 10 so far, but that puts me in the top third of the field. Voting begets more voting because I get better exposure with more votes.

    It seems somewhat retarded that companies get funded through these channels. Ideally VCs would earn their keep by analyzing the opportunies that come before them. But I guess they are so swamped with people looking for $ handouts that they need some way to find the legit companies.

    Anyway, since I clearly believe in whoring, snownskate and whoever else votes, send me a pm and I will mail you some promo schwag. Actually people love our smiley dot stickers and magnets.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Storn? Who the hell is Storn? Or is that a typo and you ment to say Storm ?

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    You wouldn’t remember. :doobie: Just tell Nora I said Hi.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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