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    Hey Buckaroos, can anyone tell me if the do-it-yourself split kit comes with the same pucks that a factory volie comes with? ( the round grey ones)

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    No, I think the pucks are different. The factory boards come with universal pucks that have the round center piece that swivels and apparently are more adjustable than the solid rectangular split kit pucks. I think you can order them separately from Voile, not sure though, ask Karma Surf.

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    She’d be right. The split kit ones are rectangular. Finally got my whole split kit done and dialed!!

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    Ah-ha, just as I suspected. So to “upgrade” my burton I am going to need the split kit and the factory originals. Thanks

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    You can order the universal pucks (the ones the factory splits come with) from Voile’s online store. For that matter you can order any individual split part there:

    Note that the factory splits use one inline slot disc and one parallel slot disc per binding.

    I bet you can get all your questions answered in a few days though! 🙂

    This got me thinking… I have a Burton Malolo that is cut in half and awaiting the rest of the split kit treatment. I wonder if I can use the universal pucks and make them work with the existing Burton inserts? Probably not, since there are only two left on each side (the rest of them are in the middle, thus cut in half in the splitting process). But it would be cool if it worked, allowing for changing the stance angles. Looks like burton got his to work:

    but I wonder if he to add his own inserts?

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    Im looking at the aftermarket kit and I dont see why you cant cut/drill angled slots in that puck if you want to be able to adjust your stance, or if you are like me and always use the same stance (+12 front / -9 rear) you should be able to drill holes in the puck to match the burton holes

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    If you’re using wood screws like they provide with the DIY kit, you don’t want to be loosening/retightening them to adjust puck location. In fact you should epoxy them in place. Even then they might rip out ( If you drill your own holes to line up with inserts, if they are over the “hollowed out” area of the puck you’ll need to put washers underneath in the empty space. You can also try to line up one or more of the existing holes with an insert (recommended by bcd a while back), but that may or may not work depending on your stance.

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    On a soft light wood core board, which is the most desirable for what we do, your risk of ski screw pullout is much higher. Seriously think about a few inserts per puck if you use the diy pucks. You will thank me after your first wipeout!

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