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    175 cm , older cloud pattern with sidecut on skis
    with almost new skins, telebinding plates
    very good shape hardly ever used almost new

    350.00 in salt lake city, might be willing to ship
    leave post here with contact if interested

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    WTF Maynard!?

    You can’t just come on here to try and make a quick buck without telling us we are all wankers for making trip reports or something!

    just kidding of course 😉

    ps. Its “Voile”…you’d think you’d know that having lived in the Wasatch for as long as you have. 🙂

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    hey, is that Sully from Godsmack? 😯

    maybe if it were a “regular” footed split i might be interested…….. 🙄 ➡


    fine then your all woofters and i don’t want to associate with you guys/girls and thats why i’m selling my splitboard

    please note the greeting: that’s how most people greet the wizard of the wasatch

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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