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    I have been trying to figure out this hole splitboard thing. I really want to…. understatement…sorry.. i mean i am dying to shred the backountry. no lies. i have been somewhat of an inbounds(wack) type of guy for a while. however, I have had an awakening of sorts lately. I feel like i’m catching a new bug, the backcountry. so I have this Board. it’s a Never Summer Revolver 158. it’s a wide directional freestyle board. so i want to split this board. i have some carpenter skills from a mini ramp i built and sets i’ve designed for plays and sh%^. I have been researching for a while and I decided that the voile split kit wasn’t for me because I like a ducked out stance that can ride switch almost as well as regs (+17/-15) is my preference. The voile split kit comes with these weird thingamajig pucks that don’t actually bolt onto the board as you may well know (they just screw into the board halfway wich does not seem like the best set up for a freestyle type of guy). So I thought it might be a good idea to get the universal pucks from voile that say they are for factory made splitboards and T-nutting them on through the whole board. Has anyone done this? if so what problems did you run into? Please write back, snow has been collecting up here in the bozeman area and greater yellowstone so I am ready to split this thing, throw on some spark R&D’s and shred tough.

    My name is Dan G.

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    Buy a used factory split. Not sure about how to accomadate a duck stance other than to advice you to ditch it. You need a hard charging powder stance now my son. Good luck.

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    You can totally duck out your stance w the voile kit. They send you two sets of pucks use one regular set and one goofy even the stickers work. I would T-Bolt the pucks if ya want to shred big cliffs an backcountry jumps

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    aksltxlt said it ducking is not a problem. I’m riding +20/-5 Setting a
    -15 on the back foot just means putting the puck on the “goofy” side; or in my case the “regular” side since I’m “goofy” :bananas:

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    that makes alot of sense. I mustve been high not to think of that. well played. so I think I’m gonna split this thing this week. i’ll try and post some pics when I do. (some dumb f%^* little thief stole my digital camera). Thanx for the advice though.

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    I’m not sure how much you weigh but it’s important to consider the length of you board especially if you want to ride a freestyle (centered) stance. I’m not really one to talk since I’m ~180 got a 161 (It was a steal so it was worth it) otherwise I’d have gone for a 165 or 170. I was able to compensate for a shorter board by setting my bindings way back. If you’re going to do much switch that won’t work for you.

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    I do want to get a new board(161 i weigh 155)eventually but this is all i got for now. i still actually don’t know when i’m going to be able to afford the bindings. I really appreciate the concern but i think this will be a good board to do my first split and get a little experience. once i get the new board i’ll probably just switch out the hardware.

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    Here is a down and dirty alternative to a voile…%20f=33&t=253

    The up side is that it’s super cheap guy said he spent $30
    It looks solid
    You can use your existing inserts for your bindings in “ride mode”

    the down side is that it looks kind of getto, but on the otherhand that will give you Mad Dirtbag Cred :bow:
    It also won’t switch out as fast form split mode to ride mode he said ~10 min. With my Voile I can switch in ~2min

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    That is Very cool. a whole new level of dirtbag. too bad i already bought my hardware. Good lookin out though.

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    Good thread here. I’m still looking for clarification on the voile kit:

    It looks like it comes with the “trapezoid” pucks that the first gen Voile board used. On the first gen board, the pucks are in a fixed stance and cannot be adjusted. Newer model Voile boards use a “slider puck” that can adjust both stance width, offset, and angle.

    Is there a DIY split kit that comes with the slider pucks? It seems strange that the voile kit on their website shows the older model pucks when they obviously have slider pucks in stock.

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    I’m no expert but it has to do with the # of holes you want to drill into your board. Notice how the Burton splits have 6 (or is it 8?) inserts per foot. that’s where the adjustable pucks come in. That’s another thing that’s so sweet about Monk’s work, he installs all of those inserts.

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    I did 6 per side on the split I am doing for my GF. I am not looking forward to filling those fockers in.

    30 holes in total when you add the slider pin mounts.

    how much metal bonding ptex did I order?


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    I’d like to split my own board this winter and was told to get the universal pucks. It doesn’t look like these are available with the DIY kit and the kit for the Burton/Voile boards comes with it but not the hooks or t-bolts. What’s the best way to assemble all the needed parts for DIY with the universal pucks?

    I’m not bothered by having to drill extra holes and add additional t-nuts in the board and would rather have the option to adjust stance angles later on.

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