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    I opened the latest issue of Backcountry mag to find this !

    A pretty huge deal in my opinion for the sport, but with seemingly no fanfare. I would love to try out a pair. Has anyone tried them? Or fondled them in a shop? If they had managed to hit a much lower price point, Voile could have prompted a huge shift in towards the hardboot darkside with these, assuming they work really well.

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    Recently saw pics of these. Its crazy, nothing on them anywhere on the internet. But looks very promising. Almost like a variation on Maruelli’s split board touring toes, but less expensive and without having to use an adapter plate. Looking forward to hearing some user feedback.

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    Nice and simple. I like.


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    That’s exactly what I imagined when I heard Spark are making a tech toe! Super simple, barely any moving parts, light. Not that dynafit clone with zero splitboard practicality they gave us.
    But the pricing on the Voile pieces is absolutely retarded! $200 for a pair of brackets and climbing wires?? Fcuk no!

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    These look like the system that Ranger came up with.

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