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    Somebody know where can I buy Voile Split Crampons in New York centre? any dealer or some store by downtown ?
    Thanks for your helps!!!

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    Buy Them online. They only take a couple of days to ship

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    New York City?

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    The Big Apple isnt what people think. I lived there for 2 years and had a great time. I was 5 houses off the beach and let me tell you Rockaway and Far Rockaway get some surf. Big hollow beachbreak. However on certain occasions you may have to track through the snow to get in the water .

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    It’s not the city that’s an issue, it’s the wrong coast… 😉 I’ve lamented the lack of split stuff on this side of the mississippi several times. Although… If ANYONE were to have some splitboard stuff on the east coast, it might be Burton, and they DO have a flagship store in manhattan, (wierd, huh?) anyway, maybe call them?


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    The winter is the best time to surf on Long Island, but it is cold.
    There are some pretty good snowboard shops on L.I., but I don’t think
    they carry any splitboard stuff.

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    Order them from Voile’. I have it on good authority that they are about to send out a new shipment of them soon. Send for them ASAP.

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    contact a shop in the area that carries voile. closest place is REI in NJ. order through them. do a zip code search on does the burton shop in Soho carry voile hardware? call them. they may be able to order for you too. support your local shops. pretty soon all we’ll have is the internet and everything will be made in china.

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    Thanks to all

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