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    I picked up a new pair of Voile skins at the start of this season. My old pair lasted about 5 seasons and I didn’t want to try the re-glue option. Right out of the gate the glue did not seem as sticky as my first pair. I used to have to use all of my strength to pull these apart and the new ones come apart extremely easy. They put a new cheater strip in the middle which obviously helps but they have already failed me on a 3 lap day so I am thinking something is up with the glue. Has anyone had issues with this year’s model of skins or know if anything has changed in Voile’s design recently? Thanks



    Voile gets their skins from black diamond, and they spend a huge amount of time testing and re designing their skins(just like any skin company really haha). The newest rendition is suppose to stick to the ski as well as any before, but pull apart from itself much easier.

    The most common issue with skins is getting snow on the glue and then freezing or building snow up between the ski and the glue. Colder climates usually have a tougher time keeping the skin stuck.

    When you say the skins already failed, how exactly did it happen? I have had some pretty beat skins and never had a full failure unless I dropped the skin in the snow or got snow built up between the ski and the glue. Each problem was easily solved by cleaning the glue and warming them up in my jacket between runs.

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    Install tail clips, problem solved..

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    skin maintenance and storage is critical in cold, dry climates

    I go with the aforementioned technique

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    Clarification on a couple of points:

    1. I have tail clips installed. If I didn’t the skins would have failed on the 2nd uphill climb. Tail clips work great but I had a lot of turns on the climb that were pulling the skins to the side that allowed them to unclip and pull off the board.
    2. I am storing these brand new skins same as I did with my previous rendition of Voile skins that I had for five seasons. I have only owned these skins for about 1 month and would be surprised if my storage caused issues. They are stored glue to glue rolled up in the bag provided by Voile and stored in my basement. It seemed to work fine for previous version of Voile skins.
    3. After each run I put the skins glue to glue in my jacket against my baselayer to get them warm and melt down any snow that has gotten on them.
    4. For this particular outing I did not drop them in the snow or anything that would have gotten a lot of snow on them.
    5. Snow build up occurred on its own during the 2nd uphill hike. Certain areas of the skin would not stick cleanly to the board before I started hiking so I am sure that is how snow got built up on the skin. At the outset of the 2nd run my tail clips were pretty much the only thing saving my ass.

    Doesnt’ sound like other folks are having the same issue so I guess it is dumb luck and colder than normal temps. Last week they seemed fine. If Chair2BoardSports is right and the new glue is suppossed to adhere just the same but pull apart easier, that is probably the reason for my initial question. They are no question easier to pull apart and that combined with the failure led me to question the skins. I am surprised that after 2 emails, Voile has not responded at all. I will try and call them next week after the silly season is over.

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