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    I’m new…. I’m excited!!! I am surrounded by tele skiers and I cant ever really go out with them. But now….

    I just got a Burton S series 170. I want to get the right skins and I am torn between the Voiles and the Burtons. The glue on the Burton sounds suspect but I really like the sounds of the ol’ tail clip too.

    Voile’s plush and glue seems like the real deal but no tail clip?

    Which would you choose? I wont even ask about 120mm vs 130m debate.

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    can you even find Burton skins?

    ps. WELCOME! 8)

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    I’d say Voilé 130mm.

    I’m also on a Burton S (165 / 04-05) and I’m definitely thinking about making myself some custom 130mm wide skins. The Burton Ak’s are far too narrow in my opinion.

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    take a look here:

    Choose the skins (I recommend 130mm) and loops you want, fit the skins to sidecut and length – and you’re ready for take-off … 😉

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    I like it. Burton Skins are sasquatch. I’v read about them, seen some fleeting pictues but I have yet to encounter any real contact (ie somewhere to buy the bastards) But that really doesn’t matter because thanks to the input it looks like the voile 130 mm tractors are the way to go. Especially with the custom jobber that Jogi has going.

    I love this. I can not wait to get going. There is some new snow in the area and it is making work hard.

    This splitbaord world I’m on the edge and poised to dive into of kicks pooti


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    Good choice Gus,

    The Burton skins had glue issues i.e. not staying tacky enough to stick to the board. I think that they are very similar to some Coltex skins that Voile proto-typed a few years back. Really nice light wieght nap but poor glue.

    Voile skins are made by Ascension and have a better glue although there are down sides to them also. They won’t leave you stranded though.

    Tail clips are not necesary if you use the skins right:

    1 Unless they are on your board, keep them folded with the glue against itself. This keeps them from getting contaminated. I even dry mine folded and they are always dry the next morning.

    2 Keep them in your coat between runs. Your body heat keeps the glue tacky and they will stick after many consecutive runs even in very cold weather.

    3 Stretch them tight when you put them on the board. Do one at a time and then step into that half of the board before doing the other one. This will keep the skin pressed against the base while you work on the other one.

    4 Make sure they are the right length. They should be cut so they end just before the tail starts round up. That way, when you walk, there is always pressure from the board on the end of the skin. That will keep them from peeling off.

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    What about the Black Diamond 130mm’s (Ascension or Glidelite)? Anybody tried these?

    Or other 130mm skins initially intended for fat skis?

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    @Jogi wrote:

    take a look here:

    Choose the skins (I recommend 130mm) and loops you want, fit the skins to sidecut and length – and you’re ready for take-off … 😉

    Is there anyway we could get this old thread (1625) up and running again?
    Sounds like that would be pretty interesting for me right now.
    (I am trying to figure out the best option for the tail clip)

    I found already other threads with the “Black Diamond’s STS Tail Kit” and “BCA Deluxe Tip and Tail Kit”

    but I am interested what Jogi’s link suggests

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was a BC skier for 20+ years before getting a splitboard and have always sworn by (and once in a while really needed) tailhooks on skins. However, I have used and abused my non-tailhook Voile skins (Ascention skins, with material and glue made by Black Diamond) for 4 years in all kinds of conditions without a single failure. I am now not so sure tailhooks are really needed, at least not with 130mm + wide skins and modern glue in above 0 deg F conditions. I always carry them against my skin or inner layer when riding, keep them as clean as I reasonably can, touch up the glue with some Black Label every few years, and carry duct tape and a couple of long Voile straps just in case (never used them for failing skins but have seen it done and I have made an emergency binding out of them). One other tip – I have sewn a several inch long “rat tail” of 3/8 in. flat webbing dangling off the the tail end so that I have something to grab with my gloved hand to rip the skin – very nice on warmer days when the skin sticks with great enthusiasm.

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    Hey Gus,

    I’d go with the Voile skins. I don’t know if Burton has changed their design, but their skins used to have this hokey little clip smaller then a finger nail that rides in a notch on the board tip. And you really don’t need a tail clip. My burton ones ripped off anyway because they were pleather sewed to elastic. Crapoloa man, at least a couple years ago…

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    I have a question for Cowboy or Karma Surf.

    #1 The Strip of material that runs down the middle of the voile skins..whats it for? I kept mine in a plastic tub in the attic and it seems the skin is longer than this material. Where my skins were folded I have almost a permanent bow but the spandex/wetsuit liner material running down the middle has separated at every “bow”. And the skins seems to be stiffer now than when they were new. Whats the best long term storage ? Right now I have my skins hanging in the garage stuck to each other but unfolded and hanging . I used a clothes hanger to put as small amount of weight on them and they are in “traction”. I trying to make them flat again.

    #2 I converted my burton s to voile hardware and the only problem I am having is using the voile skins. The burton tip clip is thicker than the wire opening on the skin so I cant get it to clip on the upper corner of the board? Has anyone modified the old Brton tip clips to fit these skins?

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    P420 I had the same thing happen to me this year.

    karma surf
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    Peacepipe420 😉 , Those 130mm Voile skins can be a beotch to pull apart because of the quantity of glue on a skin that wide. The nylon strip down the center makes it easier to pull the wide skins apart. Once the glue on your skins begins to weaken, just completely remove the center nylon strip. This will expose fresh adhesive, and you will get some extra life out of your skins’ stock glue.

    Don’t ever store your skins open with the adhesive exposed bro, always keep them folded against themselves, or for long term storage you could use cheat sheets. If your garage never gets very hot, keeping them there is ok, but the glue doesn’t like heat.

    You MAY be able to apply a bit of heat to the metal ring on the skin tip. Once warmed up a bit, you MIGHT be able to bend the metal tip loop on the Voile skin. If it worked out, you could deform the ring to allow it to pass over the older Burton tip clips.

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    Its best to hang’em out to dry with the glue exposed(skins open) overnight,isn’t it??

    Thanks for the tip on removing the strip for a little extra stick once their older. I wouldn’t have thought about that. Good to know.

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    I hang my skins stuck together to dry – this has always worked fine for me.
    That center strip on both my ski skins has done the same thing since I got them – the length of the strip is not quite the same as the skin and it doesn’t lay comepletely flat. I have ignored it and used it as is for 100+ days without any trouble. The skins go on with a little bulging and always are flat when I remove them.

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    Thanks guys. I thought the fold would work themselves out. I just wanted to makwe sure my line of thinking was correct. I do store them glue to glue but I cant leave them in the garage over the summer. It just tooooo freaking hot in there.

    dennis sanders
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    I make skins for a small business in the Tetons( and have finally finished work on a splitboard kit/skins with tails clips. Are you interested?

    Please let others know

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    can you post pics, especially of the tail clips?


    dennis sanders
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    you bet….its easier if i do it through regular email. Please email me at and I will reply with pics.


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