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    This could be a stupid question but I need to know before dropping an order soon.

    Will my voile crampons interface with the Spark Blaze’s? I know they have their own crampon (chomp) but given the cost of compiling a new new setup I might try and start out by keeping my Voile cramps and adding the chomp later. Has anyone done this?


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    Hey Meng,

    Unfortunately, the Voile crampons aren’t compatible with Sparks. I was curious about that recently, too, and I found the answer on the FAQ section of the Spark website:

    It’s definitely a bummer having to drop another $100 on top of the $300 for the bindings. I just purchased a set of the Blazes last week, despite this fact. Spark makes a bomber product and I think it’s worth it. I’m hoping to sell my Voile crampons (only used once!) and use the money towards a pair of Mr. Chomps. Just FYI: last year’s model of the Mr. Chomps are on sale for $70 on the Spark website (click on “store”). The teeth are shorter than the new model, but I’m sure they work fine. Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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