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    what about thosse prior maple leafs’ how bouts some of those green bc leaves :doobie:

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    I like the Venture top sheet, simple and tough, and I liked the rasta Voile. I really don’t like my 08-09 Mr. Hanky Voile. Solid colors are good, basic graphics, nice colors. It doesn’t have to be crazy.

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    I custom built a Prior and couldn’t be happier, every time I look at it I get stoked. Those Voile boards have weak graphics, I apologize if this offends someone who works there. But rather than take it wrong, PM me and I can hook you up with a freelance graphic designer who would smash it out the park for you, because what your doing now looks Euro…

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    Gotta give props to Voile again! Every time I deal with them their customer service blows me away! I just dont know how some peeps on these forums can diss em :scratch: Anyway I was recycling and ordering some parts for a DIY board, and Voile came through again! Obviously you cant re-use the rivits and spacers from an old splitty. I ordered a strap and mentioned about the rivits and spacers and how I like stickers and they hooked it all up for FREE! Rivits spacers sticks and all 😆 Hell yea!

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    The topo graphics match the forum background at least!

    I agree about the ride mattering more than the graphics and my purchase of the poop brown 161 Voile from a few years ago proves that. I also used to have the blue/white ’01/’02 model which wasn’t great when I had it in ’05, but was OK for 01/02. I have the rasta 161 now and actually think it is the most bad ass Voile graphic I’ve seen (prior to the Artisan). I am trading up for the topo Wasatch board now. If anyone is interested in the rasta 161 at a good price let me know.

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    yea they should have made the entire line in rasta colors, next years boards look really good more of a back to nature vibe. i’m riding the 171 from last year and it seems to do everyting well enough from windblasted alpine steeps to deep blower in the old growth i’m really liking the board nice and light too, before this board i had the burton 68 which was so poorly constucted i had to retire it because it actually became dangerous to ride lol.

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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