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    I put together a few clips. 2 weekends with different crews out at Virginia Lakes in March and April.

    Right Click and save target

    !st Version -High Def Quicktime 184 meg

    2nd version 77meg Standard

    Thanks to Stron for Hosting these till I get my own site

    Special Thanks to TRACKHEAD for technical support


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    Nice work Tex! I’m looking forward to a video from each mission next year 😉

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    Stoked! I’m glad that worked… I was having trouble getting it posted for a while there.

    Nice job, TEX. I really dig the vibe.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    That was awesome ray!!! 😀

    Man that HD looks nice! Nice work on the film and edit as well. Was this all hand held or are there some tripod shots in there too (other than the time lapse). Great line and panning around the 3:50 mark.

    Thanks for sharing! :thatrocks:

    ps. I LOVED the group chilling on the summit clips! 8)

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    Very nice!!!
    Thanks for sharing TEX.

    (Good thing I have a fast internet connection at work though)

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    Thanks Guys. Hopefully lots more to come. BCR, I would say about 70% was tripod shot. It was the first time I used the camera so lots of wrong settings,dark shots yada yada. They will get better though

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    Sweet man, really nice shots!

    Now when is the TPR video coming? Oh wait, did something happen to that footage?? 🙂

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    hey tex glad you took this footage and thanks for shootin!

    good work. makes it look like we almost had some snow this season in the sierra!

    storn thanks much for hosting.

    affix snow
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    Nice work right there!

    Now i want an HDV.

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    Nice, Tarkman hanging out with a bunch of splitters 🙂

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    SmokinFatBob back in the house. Where the hell you been? Haven’t heard from you since that Saddlebag trip awhile back. If I remember right you got pretty sick.

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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    If I remember right you got pretty sick.

    Yeah, that trip worked me pretty good. 😳

    After that trip, I kinda got burnt out and went MIA for a while. I’ve been surfing more and focusing on my photography a bit to pass the time.

    I started organizing my garage a couple weeks back and after pulling out all my backcountry gear, realized how much I missed the whole scene. So yeah, you’ll definitely be hearing more from me this coming season 🙂

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    Dude, insane photography. I’m blown away. Very very good. Can’t wait till you add some powder turns in there. 😉

    affix snow
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    SICK SICK SICK Photos!!!!

    Makes me wanna start surfing again…..

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    Yeah man, super nice shots! We need to do some split trips next season… bring the camera. 🙂

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