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    Virginia Lakes Road is plowed about halfway – 2.5 mile skin on flat road to the lakes.

    Powder still up high in the bowl between Black Mtn. and South Peak on N/NE aspects. Not consolidated and surface sluffs ran all the way down to Red Lake. I was the only skier/rider in this area all day, though two dudes did one East Chute of South Peak. The fishermen freaked and cried “Avalanche!” when I let a bunch of sluff go.

    Fishing is good evidently and people were catching their limit in less than a hour. Ice is up to 6 feet thick still on the lake. Lots of drunk fishermen and drunk ‘bilers. These guys weren’t just buzzed, they were sh*tfaced.

    South Chute of Dunderberg looks good and is continuous all the way up, but I bet it only has a few weeks left of continuity.

    It was snowing when I left around 4pm. It rained like hell all the way back to Reno, so I assume it’s snowing up high.

    Conness area has a puh-fat snowpack. The Y Chute barely y’s. GPS Chute is now a snowfield. Kook Chutes look doublewide.

    Tioga Toomie’s is open. Mmmm… Lobster Taquitos.

    Talked to Paul (the “P” in GPS Chute). He thinks Saddlebag Lake Resort won’t open until Aug. 1. If he’s right we’ll be riding in August this year.

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    Nice! What could be better than great snow and sh*tfaced fisherman/’bilers? Wait I know – great snow, and sh*tfaced fisherman/’bilers/ttipsters (& maybe splitters…)! 🙂 Saddlebag not opening till Aug huh? That’s a month and a half later than last year! This is going to be a great spring…

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    Sweet Matt!

    Thanks for the beta. I ended up staying local on Sunday.

    Say…how did the “Sunset Stripâ€Â

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    My “photographer” had some problems with my camera, so the pics are limited. I’ll try to find some more worth posting. Sunset strip is pretty filled in as you’d expect, but the wind scoured the top quite a bit. And all the stuff facing south seems to be on schedule and going away fast.

    I might try to get the South Chute of Dunderdome early Friday or Saturday if the weather is decent. The road should be plowed most of the way in by then. There were 20′ drifts across the road less than a mile from 395, but they managed to plow through them using multi-level passes. Those crews really work hard…
    …for the fishermen that is, not for us lowly snow sliders.

    Lundy Canyon looks awesome, and the road is open past Lundy Lake and through the resort. Soon it will be less than 4 miles to Saddlebag via Lundy Pass too (albeit with some climbing). I am down for a Lundy and/or Saddlebag trip whenever!

    Tioga Pass is plowed from the east to the turn at Warren Canyon not far from Ellery Lake, but the road is still gated down low.

    Paul’s just predicting an Aug. 1 Saddlebag opening, but it’s really too early to tell, and there’s nothing official. He also shared with me some beta on a few secret late-season lines. I can’t wait to try ’em 8)

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    Nice Matt. Did the fishermen hike or sled to the lakes?

    Did you say powder? Ah man. I may be up for the drive this weekend.

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    Some fishermen hiked in, shouldering their motorized augers and all. In fact some of them walked fast enough to outpace Shellie on skis. Of course I pointed this out to her, which she really appreciated. 😉 Some sledded in too, and I think they were shuttling gear for many of the hikers. They didn’t offer to carry any of our gear though. Still Shellie was kind enough to snap numerous photos for them of their drunken trout-slaying orgy.

    It must be said that Shellie was constantly waiting for me on the way back to the car on the road. I suck at skiing/skating on the Split, and it was mostly too flat to stay in board mode.

    I don’t know if the pow will still be there this weekend. There’s some nasty textured windboard to deal with too on the wrong aspects. Also hit the E/NE-facing stuff early to avoid the huge sluffs I triggered.

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    Here’s a little wider picture showing some of the cliffs. Well they’re not really cliffs now being sooo filled in.

    Here’s the south side of Dunderberg, featuring the South Chute. See what I mean about south-facing stuff going away like normal?

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    Wow…lots more snow than when I was in there last season.
    Think the road will be plowed thru in the next couple weeks? I’d like to get in
    there ASAP but heading to the Vegas Supercross this weekend.

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    I think the road will be plowed most of the way this week, and all the way with parking next week. This will depend on how much snow falls up there over the next week though.

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    thanks for the good info. Were you able to drive in on the plwed road or is it still gated off. Can you park at the end to where they have plowed? How long is the skin in to Dunderberg from where you can park?


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    The road is open for driving, one lane in places, and the plow crews made a wider parking area at the end of their plowing. Last weekend the flat skin on the road was not far, maybe a mile, to where you veer off to climb Dunderberg, or 2-2.5 miles to the bottom of the South Chute. I would expect it to be shorter now, but the new snow could screw things up.

    Hank W
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    We just got back from Virginia Lakes area and the road is plowed and open to the end of the pavement. Parking is a bit limited. Tons of snow. We skiied the SouthEast Gully on Dunderberg Peak on Sat. and it was awesome! Windpacked pow up top and butter corn down low.

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    hey hank,

    good to see you guys!


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