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    Here is some recent Sierra footy filmed on the following days:
    March 25, 26, 30, April 9, 10

    It’s kinda long at 12mins but hopefully it will keep your attention.

    the backcountry files
    (pg-13 rated due to lyrics) 61meg

    *In effort to conserve bandwidth, please “save target asâ€Â

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    bcr-I’m not able to open the vid. I get a “The page cannot be found” error message.

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    should work now…thanks for the heads up. 🙂

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    You dick waver you 😉

    Nice song to end the viddy, another classic video with sweet editing. 😀

    Btw, not sure if this has been asked before, but what camera are you using to film?

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    Nice. Once again…sweet lines, cool camera work/editing. I’m now officially inspired- seriously considering bailing work ASAP to get some freshies. Actually, I’m outta here.

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    Killer! The intro was rad…got my heart pumping.

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    Nice work… I like the music… You should check out some Galactic its some good stuff good beets. How many vid camras do you bring to get that much vid 2 or 3?
    And yes I am still in Montana 🙁 My friend hert his shoulder in Ohio and they are running late no more then a day or two.


    Sick surfy feel to your video! Your conditions look fkn steller! Way to get yours! Keep on keeping it real ❗ 😀

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    Nice vid!! You sure are gonna be busy editing a bunch of footy from the next few months since you guys have some much damn snow. Keep it up.

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    Great work as always BCR.
    Nice way to end the work week.

    …..and it looks like the Kings are gonna win one tonight too.

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    great work, bcrider! great work! thx!

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    Just got back from our SoCal bc, the others are still up there as I type yukking it up (I had to depart early to take care of my injured pup)…I will drop a TR here tomorrow or so…your video was a nice way to wind down a bit quaffing a prime Canadian brew–smuggled into the states, of course 8)

    Vid was Sweet as usual…esp the mix of vid to music.

    Still in awe of the 3rd pillar stuff…WOW.


    ps–sorry been absent a bit from here, but work put on the firewall banned (Lightspeed is the agent) list for unknown reasons…I seldom access the Internet from home, looks like I will have to increase that time now…

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    Hey dude, shouldn’t that be rated R due to hot springs nudity? 🙂 Nice job on the video as always. Those shots from Dana plateau are great. Was hoping to get out there Sat but the trip was cancelled due to a last minute “incident”, so your video will have to tide me over. Hey, at about 10:40 in the movie, there’s a shot of you descending a chute w/a big cornice. Is that on Echo? Oh yeah, there also some pics from the 26th here.

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    bcr –

    Did I fugg up your camera whilest filming at Horse Creek? It does go from good clean light to a Martian tint in the scenes between gimpy’s descent and yours. Sorry man, it is tough to manage anything other than the simplest rock and stone tools for this caveman.

    – Joe

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    Nah man.

    Gimpy’s line was the only one with decent light…the rest was totally flat light. I experimented with a Sepia tone on the rest of the footy. I think it helped brighten up the footy and make it more viewable.

    Now that you know it was on purpose…how do you think it looks?

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    Considering the light we had that day (and now knowing it was intentional), it looks good. Although I may be raining on my own parade a wee bit, I like the Echo / Angora footage even more than our east side stuff.

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