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    This post is a little late but I finally have it up. Headed down to Crested Butte to shoot with the Posse again after they received well over 4 ft of snow. It was pretty ridiculous sledding around in conditions like that. My beater sled, Miss Charlotte, is in no shape to handle such conditions. I finally had to venture off the beaten path, literally, and struggled with the little Misses. No matter how hard I pinned the gas and tried to hang on she would just get bogged down. I have never had to dig so much in my life. Finally got it up and out to some riding and had the best 3 days the Rado has to offer.

    Finally got out with a snowboarder this trip. He went touring with us on his Noboard and it was very impressive to watch him tour with us on these long drawn out slogs. His seggy at the end is impressive.

    On the last day I dislocated my Patella and had to be evacuated out of the hills. It was one of the more painful injuries I have experienced and I am very thankful for my friends and the CB SARS for getting me out of the mountains. I am out for the next 8 weeks and should be back snowboarding and playing soccer by June 1st. Could have been a worse injury but luckily there is nothing torn and no surgery is needed. May get to schralp some June turns if all goes well, we will keep our fingers crossed!!!

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    Zach visits the White Room

    Jer likes to hang out there too

    Tiny on the Noboard


    Jer still can’t stay out of the white room

    Zach hucks a 360

    Lil ole me all bundled up for safety, even though the sled flipped and i was dragged a few 100 ft with my face 2 inches from the ground


    niiiiice. i love that slowmow action. you just made my day! get well soon.

    Unruly Baker

    Nice work jerky! Looks deep out in “the Rado” too. Bummer to hear you’ve now joined the gimped knee club, but sounds like you came away without anything too serious. When I heard you were hurt I thought for sure it was a “dutch rudder” gone wrong. :nononno:

    I too have been gimped for the last week, I tweaked my gimpy right knee again somehow. I don’t know what I did, I was in pow euphoria with the 160″ inches we got in 12 days and then woke up last Monday with a knee the size of your mom’s mellons. :thumpsup:

    Heal up, I thought biking season was near, but if it keeps dumping like it has been maybe not….

    Holla at yo homeboy son!



    I landed flat and exploded my patella tendon 3 seasons ago and YES it F-ing hurts- a wounded coyote sounds about right, if he can cuss… Get well soon looking forward to some more great footie from you guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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