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    So, I wanted to see how many people would subscribe to a video magazine that covered skiing, snowboarding and Ice climbing in the winter and surfing, wakeboarding, mountain biking and climbing in the summer. Assume that subscription would be similiar in price to that of a regular magazine such as a snowboarder or rock and ice and that it would be published every other month and be a 45 minute to hour long DVD. Please select the maximum price you would be willing to pay. Thanks for the info.

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    It all depends on the content. Shit, I pay way to much for The Snowboard Journal but I enjoy the photography and big mountain articles I don’t mind getting it up the backside so much. I wouldn’t take Transworld for a $1 a year.

    I like your content ideas though. Outside used to try to cover all of those rad sports, now they just show hot chicks on the cover w/ fluff and ads inside. I picked it up the other day and noticed they’re putting those nasty perfume inserts. That’s when you know they’re not even trying to reach the core athletes!!

    Good luck, sounds like something that could be successful.

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    Barret, this an interesting idea. Would be a lot of work but hey, nothing that is worth it is easy. Keep us in the loop.

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    Thanks for the feed back guys, this is for a project for an entreprenuership class Im in where we are supposed to write a full buisness proposal and this is my idea, hopefully if the buisness proposal goes well I can get it going. Any input that people have is greatly appreciated and I will keep yall informed if things start to happen with it.

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    i think a good ‘Couloir’ quality mag devoted to seasonal mountain sports would be sweet, especialy if edited by knowledgable folks (like you guys) and not a bunch of REI wankers like the staff at Outside, Men’s Health (ha!) and other publications.

    the trouble I see with any new publication is survival. You gotta generate ad sales to stay afloat. subscription income will only keep the lights on for so long…

    Adventure Sports magazine, which is the mag published by American Adventure Racing Society was quite good, was AR centered, but had plenty stuff on mountain sports, but the mag went under due to lack of ad support.

    Couloir, a zine we all know and love, is published quarterly. Likely also due to lack of ad support.

    Why not start your project as a video podcast, build ad and sponsor support online, and then go to print if and when the momentum is rolling.

    Have you guys checked out ‘effective edge’, a snowboarding video podcast? those guys are making it happen. check it out. You can find it on itunes.


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    just bumpin this up to the top. please vote.

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