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    So I know there has been a ton of discussion lately on board sizing with rockered board, going longer shorter, and all that fun stuff, so I figured, I’d bring the topic back up! :headbang:

    So here is the jist, I am getting a Venture Zephyr Split this winter. I like that they moved the setback up a lil bit and reduced the taper, so thats what I was going with. I am deciding between the 159 and 163 (I want a 161, but no sizing for 25 width 🙁 ) so I wanted to see people opinions for the size I should go with.

    Some stats on me, I’m short at 5′ 7″ 150lbs size 9 foot, and generally do day trips so 10-20 lbs pack (never really weighed it). I like to ride trees, steeps, pillows and cliffs, as well as the occasional pleasant strolls through the meadows when it’s stormy. (In that order of enjoyment.) So I’m more of an all around kinda rider then mostly big mountain right now (conditions aren’t always there either, but its fun). My riding will be all done in the San Juans this winter (new Durango job!), :rock: so my riding style may change from riding Summit Country, CO the past two years (VT before that). I generally ride one direction and like to go fast, but like to maneuver quickly too (VT mentality I suppose). My resort board has been a rockered 156 NS legacy the past two seasons and my split was a 159 cambered legacy DIY last season. I liked both, and liked the float of the 156 rockered, and felt I had good stability with my size on the 159. I just went over the bars a couple times on my 159 cambered split from sticky conditions, and rarely ever with the rockered 56. I personally think the 159 rockered will ride longer with better float and better manueverability and on par stability of the 159 cambered from last season, so going over the bars will be less of a problem. I think the 159 will work great, but I’d like to see the discussion on this. So what is everyones thoughts? :scratch:

    Is it snowing yet? :guinness:


    Glad to have another splitboarder in Durango. Get in touch before winter or if you need someone to go mtn bikinig with. I am 5’8″ and 165 lbs and size 9 and a 161 mojo has been good for the riding around here bc we don’t typically have the superlight deepness. I am sort of bummed that Venture only offers 24, 25, 26 widths with no inbetween. I want a 25.5, 161 or 162 zephyr r split.


    3 votes for each, looks like a tough decision…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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