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    I have been interested in a new split. I really like my venture euphoria-C solid board. I ride it in a 26cm waist and love it. It is a perfect everyday board for around here. I don’t have big feet so I don’t need the extra width in that regards. I was looking at the venture storm and was wondering what size would be right. Could I go down to a 25cm waist and get the same float with the rocker as my cambered euphoria? I like the idea of skinning on a narrower lighter board, but don’t want to sacrifice any float. Have you guys found that you needed to go longer since venture made all their boards rocker?



    You may notice a little difference in the float but what I think you’ll notice more is the increased efficiency in skinning (Which you do about 90% of the time when touring anyway) due to the narrower skis and reduced weight.

    The main thing to watch for is you want to make sure you don’t have any toe drag with the narrower board.


    I’m 5′ 9″, 155, size 10.5. Bought a 161×25 this year, and love it. Many have talked smack about it being too short, but I have no issues with lack of float, and am still happy in tight trees, no toe drag. I spent a long time studying their sizing chart, and although broad in their parameters, very satisfied with the result for my size and weight.


    I weigh about 165 and run the 162 x 25. with that board shape, there aren’t really any worries for float, even in the kind of snow we get at baker. Really depends how big you are, though… as long as there isn’t toe drag i wouldn’t worry too much about the width… tapered, rockered, and set back = maximum float…


    Hey thanks hike, I was moments away from paying full price on the venture site. Trigger pulled, now hopefully by the time it gets here conditions up here will have turned more favorable.


    Thanks for all the input. Too bad do to financial reasona I will have to wait on a venture split. 😥

    I do get to play with a new tracker 2 beacon after my M2 died while trying to change the batteries. Not good when you are on the way to the trail head and one of the battery contacts pops off. A call to ortovox left me very less then impressed, but that is a topic for another time.


    I am on a 166×26 Storm. My feet are 10.5-11, and I ride mondo 28 size boots. I could not go to a 25 cm waist without having some concern about boot out in the steeps, I could probably get away with a 25.5 cm waist though…
    I would always recommend buying the width that fits your boots correctly, and going as narrow as you can without having boot out issues. A narrower board will be more responsive, remember to consider your preferred stance angles when figuring width. You can always go longer if you need more float, the next size up in length with a narrower waist will be more responsive than a shorter board which is too wide. In any case, the rocker on the Storm keeps one from pearling, especially at slow speeds, but only board surface area really influences float once up to speed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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