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    Hey Everyone.

    I ride a Venture Storm 161 and just recently bought the G3 skins. I have difficulty keeping the skins on the board……. this is mostly due to the unique shape of the board. The nose clips don’t really allow the skin to line up correctly with the board and the tapered tail makes it difficult for the tail clips to stay in place.

    I just wanted this bit of information to be out there in case anyone is looking for new skins for their Storm.

    I used to have to the Voile’s and they worked pretty well.

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    Interesting. Just as a comparison, I ride a 166 cm storm with G3 skins—and have no problems with the tip and tail clips. At least in my case, I think that the clips fit very well.

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    I ride a 161 storm with bd skins and DIY g3 tail clips that also work really well.

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    Wanted to update this post……..

    I was using the tail clips incorrectly. Slightly after posting this I started clipping one of the metal tail attachments to the inside edge of the board and fixed my problem. Sorry for the confusion.

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