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    Any one have info/feedback on this board?

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    No personal experience, but the board looks nice. I think with Silverton Mt. growing that area is turning into a mini mecca of bc madness which should make for a great product testing ground.

    The environmentalist geek in me is also happy to see a splitboard company that joined 1% for the Planet.

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    no idea, but they wouldn’t even ship a crap demo to me to try east coast. I had to live in CO to try one…fat chance of that happening. Guess they don’t really want to “expand”. 😯

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    I rode the Euphoria 167 medium (solid board), not the Divide so I can only comment on Venture boards in general. The 26cm waist width is a little wide for my size 10 boot, but for powder it rode nicely. Snappy, lively board. The Euphoria has a good amount of taper so mostly just a pow board.

    Sounds like the Divide would be a stiffer, harder charging board. If the waist width works for ya, then it would be a great solid or split.

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    Denver Post article about the move of Venture snowboards to Silverton:

    @ddegraaf wrote:

    no idea, but they wouldn’t even ship a crap demo to me to try east coast. I had to live in CO to try one…fat chance of that happening. Guess they don’t really want to “expand”. 😯

    They only produced about 400 boards a year so far….. that’s why the probably just do not have any available for the East Coast. Maybe they will expand somewhat after this new factory is up and running.

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    Met the owners and tried a bunch of boards on Friday at Eldora. Very nice folks, hearts in the right place and doing it as green as possible.
    They had their first split on display, minus the chinese hooks and tip/tail clips. It was a slightly tapered shape, and VERY LIGHT.
    I enjoyed riding their medium-width boards, especially the Zephyr model in 157 and 161. Light, torsionally stiff and snappy.

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    It’s a bit strange that they would not send a demo to the east coast, as they offered to send me one on the west coast, where there are no dealers either. I don’t think the split was able to be demoed as they have just started pressing them recently, or at least that is what they told me when my board was delayed. Working in the snowboard industry may have helped, but thus far everyone I’ve spoken to at Venture has been real cool and helpful, and every one I’ve spoken to that has one of thier boards has been pretty stoked. I can’t wait to get mine, and I’ll let you all know how it is as soon as I’m on it.

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    My new Zephyr 165 should arrive in the next day or so. I needed (term used loosely) a freeride, do anything board and had planned on getting a NS T5 but stumbled across the Ventures. Specs seemed similar and I really dug their ethos so I ordered one unseen/unridden.

    I’m a little nervous about the lack of a demo but based on feedback from others I’ve talked to who know what boards I like, seems like it should be a winner. The Divide looks nice but based on my limited experience with my Voile 166, I think my next split will be something a little longer.

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    corbeau Let me know when you get it. Maybe we can get together and swap boards for a run. I have a 173 freeride you could check out.

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    if you’re in Idaho, boise area, Jon at Custom Cycles is carrying Venture Snowboards now.

    i may see about a demo.

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    THe BaseCamp in Mt. Shasta is also due to stock Venture. I’m waiting for my chance at a demo as well.


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    The venture divide 161, I pick it up Friday 😀 . Will post a ride report after this weekends festivities.


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    So far I’ve got two short days on my Divide and I am liking it. It rides way better than the Burton I used to ride, and even though it is a bit shorter (165 – the Burton was a 170), the tapered shape gives it better float, while it’s not so tapered that it feels too turny. The only complaint so far is the p-tex topsheet. While it looks prettysweet, it collects snow (especially wet Sierra snow) that seems to shed off of other boards/skis. I plan to experiment with waxing the topsheet to see if I can remedy that situation. Interestingly enough, I ditched the Burton to “upgrade” to the Voile setup (and I’ve never ridden a Burton board I liked) and spent 15 minutes wrestling the pin out of touring mode with a pair of pliers. WTF! I know it’s not Ventures fault though, and hopefully with use the pin will slide a bit easier. Definitely a worthy ride, and Iam stoked to support a company that looks like it’s headed in the right direction.

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    That is my wife’s only complaint so far on her Venture – the top sheet.

    We are thinking of applying a spray coat of enamel or something???

    Any suggestions..

    Other than that one issue, she loves the board, shape, flex, etc.

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    I haven’t ridden mine yet (waiting on the pucks) but I can see what you mean about the rough top sheet keeping snow rather than letting it slide off.

    So why not put a gloss coat of polyurethane over the rough surface? The rough texture is essentially similar to any fiberglass job before the gel/finish coat. Since its a flat horizontal surface it would be easy to apply/make look good assuming it adheres well. If the current top is polyurethane another coat would stick just fine.

    Venture may have some ideas.

    Its not something I’m gonna do until I have the problem in a worse way than I currently encounter with my Burton. Snow accumulation used to bug me alot but the glop on top factor doesn’t seem to irritate me as much as it once did, maybe I just got used to it. Snow accumulation seems a greater problem with splitters because the snow on top can’t spill off the side as quick as it accumulates in most skin tracks made by narrower skis.

    If you come up with a cure beta the results


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    just got back from a silverton trip and almost every snowboard guide there shreds these boards (local advertising, i guess). the terrain in the saun juans is definatley a sick testing grounds. seems like they have a good thing going. i would have liked to demo one of their boards but had just purchased a neversummer titan that i couldnt part with! would be imtersted in hearing some more feedback on the venture boards.

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    I got on my Venture 161 last weeekend for a few rides in some unconsolidated corn/glop, didn’t really know what to think considering the conditions.

    After a few binding adjustments I got on it again Friday and Saturday on the mountain. Sweet, snappy ride. Didn’t hurt that the corn from 10,000 on down was beyond primo.

    Wasn’t a cement pow day to evaluate the snow sticking to the topsheet issue but the stuff that was there didn’t stick any more than on my Burton. Maybe a few inches of fresh cement this week so I feel obligated to take a few days off and test some more.


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    Let me know any more thoughts you all may have. I rode the Divide at a test session for Backcountry magazine at Jay this weekend. I was very impressed at how tightly put together it was.

    Any idea at exactly how light it was? I rode it with Will’s new binding and was very impressed but am waiting a few days to write my report.

    Thanks for any thoughts.


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    After limited testing in various snow conditions, it appears that using rub-on wax on the topsheet helps with the snow-sticking issue. The more I ride this board, the more I like it.

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    There is a Divide 65 Wide (28cm) at Shata Base Camp with the clear topsheet. Didn’t check the price, but I bet they would put it on sale.

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