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    love my odin split, love venture quality, TOTALLY STOKED on their return
    I would love a venture with a bit less rocker up front and a bit of camber under foot/out the back for more bounce/pop = playfulness
    wouldn’t want the flatrocker for a resort board, that’s for deep snow or getting spinny
    not the end all be all holy grail of snowboarding
    a 170 paragon w/some camber could be my go to resort board

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    Stoked these guys are making a comeback. Klem makes great boards. I think that it is awesome that they are so uncompromising. They make solid boards for riding tough terrain. They are big burly boards made for riding Silverton and terrain like it, not flimsy park boards that last half a season (like Mervin). They aren’t for everyone, no board is.

    Congrats on the comeback Venture!!!!!

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    Yeah, stoked they are gonna get things turned around and keep making boards. I bought one of their first splits, and now have a Helix. Top notch quality, for sure. Would love to see a rocker/camber similar to NS or Lib, but no doubt their boards offer a lot of bang for the buck and will hold up to years of thrashing.

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    nicely put fuster!

    Those weren’t exactly my words how I wrote them, but I like what you did there.
    Even employees at venture wish they could “venture” into some new camber /rocker type flex profiles.

    I not for one minute said anything negative about the strength of his product, merely the lack of options they are offering.
    Hopefully something more my style will come out of the shape shake or possible a full production. I wish them nothing but the best and look forward to seeing and hopefully riding one of there future products!

    Colorado small business pride!

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    As big a set of Nads SPLITRIPPIN carries I’m surprised He could get his rig off the ground


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    Venture is the jamz and couldn’t be happier rocking a shorter 163 Zephyr and 161 Helix splitties. The Helix is a bad ass ripper stick…quick toe to toe, and lively for being a 195# 6′ Polack. Funny how the Zephyr even in a shorter version still maintains that hard charging aspect I loved in the 168, but makes for a quicker board in the trees.

    Outside of that…I personally want to apologize to Bananas and ComeToTogether. I need to practice what I preach more and view the opinions of others from outside my perspective and don’t take/spout shit so negative.

    Tex…thanks for the compliment…It’s been my great friends whom I’ve had the honor to share a skin track and smoke with that push me.

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