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    Currently I’m riding a Prior AMF 162 split its a great board for majority of my riding and has great edge hold. I gotta say that in deep pow and slower speed that nose didn’t float that well being a centered stance its no surprise. I plan on keeping it in my quiver for the freestyle days in the backcountry. I’m currently in the market for a freeride orientated splitboard with great float in pow and easily maneuverability for the technical steep terrain. I do want it to be able to handle steeps with great edge hold when needed also that has no issues with stability at high speed.

    I was looking at a few different ones I think I have it narrowed down just not sure which route would be the best would love to hear from people that have had some time on anyone of these boards. I also looked into Chimera and another Prior board perhaps. Just not sure which one would good for what I’m looking for.

    -Never Summer Prospector 160 or 164

    -Venture Odin (found one in a 160 though)

    -Venture Storm (only found one in a 161)

    Reason for these picks is one this that it important to me is durability and could take a hit so no surprise these are my picks. The Odin was recently added because I was reading up about it my first impression of that board was for only a big mountain charger but after reading up about it seems like its a popular board and surprisingly versatile in all conditions. Which makes me wonder how the Storm and Odin compare.

    Sizing is another thing I spoke to NS and was told that I can size down slightly due to the camber profile. I know some guys here run 165 on up but I don’t want board that I gotta lug around. I have a 167 Furberg and it a monster board and I love it for some of those deep pow days, open bowls, big moutain also handles well high speed buts not a board I would say I can whip around its got some weight too it also. Prehaps I should get something around a 165 length but I don’t want to sacrifice maneuverability. I like to whip the board around and being 5’7″ and 170lbs its not hard to whip around a board but pushing 164 on up seems like too much board for me I don’t know… Would the 160 ns or venture be too short?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Given your objectives I would lean toward a 14/15 Odin because, while all three of those boards are well made and will perform beautifully in pow and as overall rides, the 14/15 Odin has a longer radius sidecut — an equivalent ~11.5M compared to 8-9M for the Prospector and Storm. While other design variables certainly bear on how these boards ride, the Odin’s longer SCR will provide more even edge pressure and better behavior on steeps and more stability at speed (less twitchy, less hooky). I recall Barrows reviewed both the Prospector and 14/15 Odin on this site; perhaps worth looking up.

    As for size, I err on the side of longer, wider, and more surface area for pow because it planes at lower speeds and board angles, affording more fun and maneuverability (and less plowing) at lower speeds. Also, more surface area–especially in front of the front foot–affords more speed stability by increasing the amount of pressure one can exert before the shovel submarines or folds. For me, when faced with a choice, ride performance is more important than touring weight. Others err differently.


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    Taylor appreciate the info the odin reminds me of my Furberg 167 only thing is the length. The camber profile for the Odin and Furberg is similar and the sidecut. Running the Odin at a 160 seems too short for me and what I want to do with it. A 164-165 would be perfect. I checked out Barrows reviews I remember he tested a 167x Odin solid I remember someone even asking for a comparison to the Prospector but with him riding a solid he did not want to compare completely understandable. After his Prospector review I am leaning towards the NS because I can run it slightly shorter (Vince at NS confirmed) and still get the advantages minus the sidecut radius. To bad that Venture isn’t releasing boards this year so I snatch the Odin in a 164-167. Hoping they will be back next season. Would be a damn shame to see them go for good.

    Appreciate the info.

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    I have pretty intimate knowledge of the boards you suggested. I’m 5’7″ 155lbs for comparison, so we are close in size. I have a 160 prospector, rode a 159 zephyr for 4 years, and demo’d the odin and storm 160ish size as well. I also have a 162 furberg (first model). I ride in colorado with generally lighter snow.

    As for the Storm vs Odin, honestly, there isn’t a ton of difference in my perspective. The Odin makes bigger turns and excels in wide open speed, and the storm is more maneuverable in the trees. The odin can be run around, but its just more work. For an all around driver, I’d lean towards storm because i’m not gutting big alpine bowls all year (we do a lot of tree days), but honestly there’s not much difference and its down to preference. If I was you, and splitboarding, I’d go larger then 160. 164ish is probably right in your sweet spot, but the waist width is key there, be sure to find one that is right where you feet should be. But good luck finding one…

    The Prospector is a solid choice too, but I’d lean towards the 164 instead of the 160, as the 160 is pretty narrow, making less surface area, and it can tend to sink. On typical days when its not too deep it will do well, but I’d say at 170lb to go longer with that, as I’ve noticed on my 160 it can wallow. It will still be maneuverable though and works in most everything.

    The 160 Furberg is also a great option. Its pretty wide at 265mm (more then the 247 of the NS), so it should have more float, but be smaller. I haven’t rode the new boards, but I think they are awesome. You have experience with them, so you may want a different shape, but i haven’t found anything that I didn’t like it with. On steep hardpack I prefer the prospector, but thats almost it…

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    thank you for the info, i actually ended up pulling the trigger on a 160 Prospector (found a deal I couldn’t pass up). Wasn’t all about the deal because I also had a 164 i could have grabbed for a lil bit more. The reason was my Prior AMF 162 which is a centered stance was surprisingly good in deep pow only issue i had was occasionally the nose would sink especially at slower speed. Also occasionally the nose would get buried when breaking trail. So the 164 Prospector would have fixed that and then some but seemed to me like a overkill with NS camber profile not to mention added weight. So dropping 2 cm and going with a setback stance and tapered board seemed like a perfect compromise. After getting it I haven’t had a chance to test it out but when I compared them. One thing was clear right off the bat that nose has a ridiculous amount of rocker and the way the rocker&camber is setup when you put just a bit of pressure on the tapered tail I could honestly say more they 1/2 of the board lifts right up. Compared to how the nose sinks on the AMF I think I made the right choice. Not to mention after speaking to the pros at NS it gave me more confidence in my discussion. Just waiting for the snow to hit and im on the first flight out where ever that might be.

    I checked today too and the difference in width between the 160 and 164 is .2 cm. with my 9-9.5 boot size that works perfectly also.

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