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    Venture@Silverton Mountain makes swallow on their lineups, could be on their split, DIVIDE for next season. I tried STORM, EUPHORIA, and ZEPHER, which were decent pow sticks.

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    The swallow tail is apparently based on the storm model…

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    Yeah, but at the mountain, they have lots of kind of cuts made on EUPHORIA, ZEPHER, and STORM. Those are NOT for sale but demo.

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    It looks sweet, wish you could actually find a place to purchase the board, company says Silverton website has info, not…….That swallow on the divide would be sick! T

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    i had the chance to ride a venture swallow-tail at silverton resort on March 16. What i rode was essentially a storm 161 with a wedge cut out of the tail. actually, i was surprised at how much i DIDN’T like it. conditions that day were variable, and the board felt rattly and unsure. i think the swallowtail actually made turning more difficult, and riding through the trees was a scary challenging endeavor. after 2 runs, i went back to my burton custom 164 and felt much happier.

    bottom line – swallow tails are best for deep powder and should involve more in their design than just chopping the tail.

    -my $0.02

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    I have tried 161 swallow on late Feb, and the board did run very good in both trees and open steep. Maybe the condition that day was way better than the day you tried. 165 was a total chaos though. Overall, I agree that venture swallow ISN’T that good YET.

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    That’s not a swallowtail.

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    Then what is it?

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    Some companies have marketed shallow tail cut boards as “fish” tails vice “swallow” tails. O-sin had a model until a few years ago that really was more of a fish tail that seems to get very good reviews.

    I have thought of cutting out part of the tails of one of my boards to make my own swallow/fish tail to allow reduced rear leg pressure.

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    venture is no swallow . a swallow has a flatt tail 😉

    all other are dirty bustrad mixing board ….

    keap the swallow clean…


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