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    @jimw wrote:

    Are those the recent conditions? Had heard that things were stiff after the cold weather and winds last weekend. If so, might opt for the West Ridge saddle instead as I don’t really feel like soloing the Crescent with two tools and a split on my back if things are uber solid.

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    @96avs01 wrote:

    Are those the recent conditions?

    I wish. No, that was a couple years ago in actual good snow. Kinda forgot what that’s like lately. 🙂

    Now it’s probably more like this (also using Verts!):

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    @Mumbles wrote:

    PSA: Currently two venture divides on ebay starting at around $200 new.

    Thanks again for that heads up Mumbles! My Divide ’61 just arrived today. Got the board, skins and hardware for $750! And thanks to the EBay seller Nicko @ Boot Doctors/Dr. B’s in Telluride, CO. They hooked me up with an awesome deal, shipping and were just generally cool to deal with. You CO folk should go check ’em out.

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    wavy, I’m glad you scored that board, and for that price I probably would not have had to get divorced if I had bought it. That is a killer deal on what seems to get reviews as a great board. I look forward to reading some wavy posts in the splitboard review forum as soon as you christen that board with some snow.

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    Hey I am looking for some feedback on a Venture Divide 180cm ? I like bigger boards for powder/freeride and found this is about the longest split available. Venture is sold out of this size so someone must have one?

    I am a hardbooter who uses appoach skiis and rides a RadAir tanker 192 usaully for off piste. Did a hut trip this year with some skiers and got hooked but might want to try splitting.

    I will be using Scrapa AT boots but usaully ride steep angles of 55/50 on all my boards (carving/powder). Any ideas on the max splitboard angles as I am told its around 40? Any tricks to get higher angles? If I had venture make a custom how could I get them to mod the setup for higher angles? (prior claims up to 50/50 for the atv split)

    Considering a custom Venture …

    Been lurking ….Jim

    Jon Dahl
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    Hey, Jim, if mumbles will let me borrow one of his splits, I could in theory find out how far we could take the angles. I believe Prior moved the insert pack inboard a bit to achieve the higher angles.Mumbles, you there??? Could you tinker a bit for us, get us an answer?


    Been meaning to post a review for awhile but never got around to it. Anyway, I bought my Divide last year and didn’t ride it much as I ended up riding my Mojo most of the time. (love it as well)

    Took out the Divide the past two days and realized how much I was missing it. It’s just a great split. The tightness of the fittings when in descent mode gives it a super solid feel. Being a bit heavier of a board than the mojo i thought i would notice the extra weight after being on the mojo for so long but that wasn’t really the case, in touring mode the set up hardly feels heavy or different than the mojo. On the descents the board surfs well and has a nice side cut for slashing etc. Feels solid on dicey out tracks and harder or icy conditions. Excellent construction for durability – I think I’ll have this board for a long time.

    Feel free to pull the trigger on this split if you are leaning towards it. It’s simply a great solid ride.

    bonus: great company and owners/craftsmen to support. your $ goes to a good cause.

    My stats:

    Venture Divide 165 w/ 07/08 Spark Ignitions
    Voile Mojo 171 w/ same as above

    5’10” 165lb’s
    big mountain riding, couloirs, trees… the usual

    Douglas Mafia
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    i ordered one back in late september and knew it would be a little wait. lisa at venture has always responded promptly to my emails and has been very helpful. she initially told me i should be getting it mid to late november, but it’s now late september and i have been boot packing my ass off without a splitboard. i’ve heard nothing but good things and i can’t wait to get the board, whenever that may be. last i heard was last week, then another phone message from the dealer saying they may get it this week, and with holiday mail jams i’m thinking i’ll be lucky to see my board by the new year. with all due respect to the company, maybe they should plan a schedule of cutting boards so the customers can have them by the time they are really needing them. at any rate, i do know all this boot packing will help me appreciate that divide 180 when it finaly gets here. :drinks:

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    Douglas Mafia,
    Sorry to hear you haven’t got your Venture yet. Maybe if you lived on the right side of “lawson creek bridge” those guys would show you some respect 😆 Being here on crow hill the guys at Prior got me my splitty in a week :rock: Maybe you could give them B’s address and they’d get it up here :poke: :duel: :pals:

    Douglas Mafia
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    shit, are we talking about actual Douglas Islanders or Nome imports here? :duel:

    Douglas Mafia
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    and actualy as a serious follow up to my initial post, B just heard from mountain gear on my order today, and venture had some type of problem with bubbling of the topsheet. they say they’ll honor the full waranty and it shouldn’t affect performance at all. they offered it for 20% off. i remember schultzie got a couple of glissades like that and i think he’s been riding one just fine for awhile now.

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    nothing wrong with 20% off. You can spend the money on Heineken :pals:

    Douglas Mafia
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    hahaha…and with the rebirth of your alcoholism you can join me! :thatrocks:

    Douglas Mafia
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    well, here it is two days before christmas and i have yet to see any sign what so ever of my venture divide which i was originaly told i may have by mid november, and that’s after ordering it in september. needless to say, my patience has run right the fuck out, i’ve been hiking my ass off all season here in Juneau, Alaska, thinking that i may actually see the board which i dropped 900 bucks on. then come to find out, when they finaly got around to cutting the larger board sizes (mine’s a 180) in the mid winter month of december, they came up with bubbles in the topsheet. i got 20% off of the price but still, no damn board. it’s dumping outside right now, our local mountain isn’t open on christmas and i would love to have a splitboard to trek around on christmas day. i suppose i will have no such luck. i’d go so far as to recomend NOT buying one just due to the shit show i’m enduring right now. if you do want one for early season riding, order it now and maybe you’ll have more luck than i have.
    this guy is not impressed with their performance. :soapbox: :banghead: 😳 :nononno:

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    If it makes you feel any better I ran into Lucas on the hill the other day and he said he’s been waiting two months for his venture too. Maybe they just don’t like Alaskan’s?

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    I had the same problem waiting for a board in their first season of splitty production. I sold my old board expecting to get my new one in Nov., it didn’t arrive till after the new year. I was kinda bummed at the time, but I love that board. Unfortunately, sometimes when dealing with the small companies, shit happens (possibly related to dumpage in Silverton, but I’m guessing it’s not due to them slacking).

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    Sorry to hear all the tales of woe, regarding the Divide.

    I ordered mine in May, and got it ( :bananas: ) within two weeks including shipping it to Canada.
    It is a beautiful product, and the extra width is perfect for my fat feet.

    Venture get’s a :thumpsup: from me!

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    @Douglas Mafia wrote:

    this guy is not impressed with their performance. :soapbox: :banghead: 😳 :nononno:

    Weird, I ordered a Venture Divide 181 wide from the same online retailer in November, received it in Japan 3 days later and it did not have a bubbled topsheet. :clap:

    Now back to reality… I also ordered it in Sep, same as Mafia, got the same issues with the delays, bubbled topsheet, etc… So it seems they do not like Alaskans or Japanese. I emailed them to try to figure out what was going on and they never replied to me. The difference in customer service between a shop like R&D and Venture has so far been rather stark. Surely these guys are splitters, so there must be somebody on here who work for them and may be able to provide answers. I still ordered the board (I feel it is a bit of a gamble) because it is the only one with the specs I was looking for (180+ & 28 waist as I have roughly the same proportions as Mafia body-wise), but not pleased at the whole experience & forking out so much for a bubbled topsheet.

    Here are some questions I have for Venture:

    * why does it take so long to produce boards?
    It seems you batch-process the boards far too late in the year.
    * How on earth did you manage to bubble all your 181s?
    * why should We trust the rest of the craftmanship if you cannot even get the topsheet right?
    * why don’t you reply to emails from customers?

    etc, etc…

    I almost feel there should be a dedicated thread called the Venture Shame Thread to get these guys to react.

    I think Will from R&D is friend with some of the guys there. If anybody knows him, maybe he can pinpoint them to this thread so that we can finally get some answers.

    The splitboarding community is a tight-knit bunch. What is the point of advertising on if you end-up treating your customers over the leg and generating some bad vibes in the forums. Word of mouth is way more potent than that ad you have flashing at the top of my screen.

    Mafia, I am with you all the way on this.

    and… I have not received my board either and there is 1m+ of pow in the forecast on our side of the world.

    On a side-note, the people at Mountain Gear have inherited a lot of troubles due to Venture’s amateurish behavior and have been most helpful. So good vibes going their way…

    Douglas Mafia
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    one thing i will say is lisa at venture (their marketing person, i believe) has always prompty responded to my emails. that’s how i was originally told the different dates that the board never showed up. 🙄

    Douglas Mafia
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    @Douglas Mafia wrote:

    one thing i will say is lisa at venture (their marketing person, i believe) has always prompty responded to my emails. that’s how i was originally told the different dates that the board never showed up. 🙄

    now if i could just get them to email me my damn board, it’s cold, clear, perfect treking weather, i’ve been post holing everywhere today… :scratch:

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