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    A little testament to Venture durability…

    My roof box exploded last month in northwestern Nevada. I was going 75 into a 60 MPH headwind on my way to some splitting and resort riding in Oregon and Idaho.

    It sounded like an explosion. Looking into my rear-view mirror, the first thing to fall from the sky was the top half of the roof box. It crashed onto the highway and blew into the desert.

    Next to fall was my Venture Euphoria. It landed nose first, nearly vertical as it hit the highway, then tumbled to a stop. Packed last, it had been on top. (Luckily, four other boards stayed put.)

    I braked, turned around, and parked. This was the scene:


    Approaching to inspect, and having seen the impact, I thought the board would be totally destroyed.


    Instead, it had only a few tiny chips along the shovel’s sidewall — nothing even warranting repair.

    Amazing. Bomber. Lucky.


    In a few days it was out in its element — fresh, cold Cascade powder.


    Now if Thule could just make roof boxes half as bomber…



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    Right on! Venture Divide is definitely the ‘tank’ in my quiver.

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    I do have a small quiver but if I had to keep just one board for everything, then it would probably be my Paragon.

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