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    Clint, or anyone for that matter, are you getting out this weekend Feb 24-25. I am trying to find a trip to go on or I will end up splitting up Syemour on my own. Can be a one day or an overnight. This will be the first trip out since my son was born on Christmas day and I need to take advantage of the opportunity.


    Sorry, no plans to get out this weekend. I just got back from 4 days in the Duffy Lake area, and need a couple of days off.

    I think Diamond head may also be a good option for you. You can skin to Red Heather warming hut without any avi danger. The mellow slopes past there are nice as well, and low avi risk. But you should really have a partner jsut in case. You may be able to meet/join a group at the warming hut as it gets pretty busy.

    Hope you have fun!


    I’m looking to meet some new splitboard partners. Most the guys I rode with last season have moved away. I’m up for pretty much anything-day trips, overnighters, peaks, laps, whatever. I also might end up with a job at rogers pass(hopefully) so I’d like to explore that area.


    ekonmf!!!. job a rogers!!!!! nice. live in kelowna but plan on doing as many trips to rogers as possible.i do alot of local touring but am interested in finding people for trips that know different areas.


    Will be in the greater Vancover area from dec 20-30. Definitely, want to do some bc riding in the Whistler and Pemberton area (up there from 26th to 28th). Looking for parnters, information, suggestions on day trips, or any info on any good guide books. Thanks.

    I will on a split and my girl will be on AT skis. Both us have avy equipment, avy education, and bc experience around the Tetons, CO, and NZ.


    I ride almost every day and welcome any spliters to join in I have 20 years in the coast range I will be going out back of blackcomb tomorrow I was out there today some great snow up high PM me or email jamesoda Way the keyed James

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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