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    …field-tested & alaskan approved (at least that’s what their stickers say).

    OK, 2 weeks in “The Mecca” and this is what I came back with. 73 photos here and not many “action” shots but hopefully a couple that might wake you up and make ya wanna poop.

    Day 1 at our new camp, yay!

    and it snowed out

    Day 2 we rode up The Worthington Glacier to Acopolco

    and climbed

    to some steeps

    then we brapped around a little

    and returned back to camp

    Then it was out to The Books!

    where we turned a couple of pages

    and I feel a little smarter already (we backed off the final page of this book because the wind was starting to howl)

    but Oh My God!

    The Books from afar

    The next day was a mellow one on Crudbusters

    where I got a good look at the Iguana Backs

    …is this sh*t for real?!

    Then… a down day around town sight seeing

    and the building of our new home

    Still yucky out, but into the backyard and onto Stairway anyways

    Then the sun came back out and it was off to The Iguana Backs

    yes, they’re for real

    fun in the sun

    Time to take a short break from hiking and do a little heli-ing with Valdez Heli-ski Guides! (when in Rome…)

    Back to real life… of being a ski bum that is

    and now that I feel a little practiced up, it’s onto the big boys! Starting with

    wait for it

    The Tusk!

    our first obstacle

    and we’re off!

    To the top where Dean Cummings rope still hangs rotting on the rocks

    and it’s just a little steep

    or is it just me?

    Damage done (The Tusk took one knee out of six)

    F-n STOKED!!!

    The Tusk, 1900′ N facing ramp of 50-60 degree vertical pitch

    Then back to camp to dry out some gear

    and off to DIMOND!!! (4000′ at 55 degrees W facing fear of God)

    where we met our first obstacle

    and Eric’s foot found free air and space under the bridge 😯

    but he pushed on

    and mission aborted/crevasse abstraction narrowly averted


    Time to climb!

    and climb

    Do Not look back, Never Look Back!

    until you’re over the top (3.5 hours of booting straight up later!)

    Can you see the helicopter? It’s just coming off of the peak of Stairway (No, you can’t. It’s less than a speck from this far up!)

    Just a little giddy at this point

    and definetly time to cheese it up

    Oh Sh*t, this is it/last chance


    and Stoked to be at the bottom and ALIVE!!!

    our lines over the Bergschrund

    our hike up in blue and ride down in red

    Back to my friends base camp for a celebratory beer

    and then time to roll for sunset

    and party at Rendezvous Lodge (every bar should have a lit up Heli out the back window)

    THEN… then it was time to cheat my way up to the next monster

    METEORITE! 3000′ W facing 54-57degrees of goodness

    Looking down

    or trying to anyways

    and there goes our support

    that’s Alaska Snowboard Guides. They are a brand new Heli operation this season and if you ever get a chance to go Heli-riding in Valdez, Alaska… Go with them!

    You too might get this

    Well, that plum wore me out. And, my igloo has been devestated by the sun and turned into “The Deathstar”

    So I guess it’s time to burn it down

    so sad

    One last look at those things of beauty

    and I’m out


    Absolutely great. Thanks!

    christoph benells

    damn why dont i live there?


    The Tusk!! Awesome stoke in there…thanks for sharing.


    Hell yeah!!

    Love those Iguana Backs.



    Wow!! Very cool!!


    Hudge stoke! That was awesome!


    You Guys Are NUTS! :headbang:

    christoph benells

    quoting TB7 valdez section “the books are open. get your library card out”

    now i get it…


    Your killing me D. A lifetime of memories in there. So SICK

    spruce cabin


    I pooped.


    Wow DGreen….that’s unbelievable. So stoked for you dude. Plan on me coming up there at some point soon, cause that’s got to happen. :headbang:


    The terrain is otherworldly. Seems to abide to different rules of nature than the lower 48 as well. Gnarly and well done old boy. :clap: :clap: :clap:


    Did Jeremy truck you guys out to the books?

    Looks like some juicey climbs! Verts getting worked! Fine job! :disco:


    Great Stoke! Couldn’t think of a better way to start my Tuesday


    That might be the TR of the year. Insane!


    Excellent! :thatrocks: Some great descents in there!


    Wow, looks so good!! Im jealous!


    Absolutely Gorgeous! :drool:
    Hard work, but worth IT! :thumpsup:



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