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    So, my friend and I had booked a week in their touring hut and a week at the lodge with the heli….feb 19 through march 3. All arranged AND PAID FOR at the end of last season.

    Over the summer I had tried to email them, but got no answer. Figured no biggie – its summer, they’re probably working other jobs of something. When winter rolls around they’ll be back in town.


    I’ve been trying to get in touch with them this month, their voice mail is full and their facebook is full or people claiming the same – no one to be found, probably out of business!!

    From doing some digging through some helpful people at Prospector outfitters, the valdez chamber of commerce/business registry, valdez heli guides and the parks commission – it looks like we’re hooped. The owner, Matt White, is nowhere to be found. They have not renewed their business license or permit with parks and I’m not sure whether I should head up or not.

    We’ve spent all our money on this “trip” so I don’t really have cash to even cover 14 hotel nights. I’m hoping that we might be able to find a couch to surf on, or some beta on the touring hut that VHC apparently had (and rented to us) such as whether its still there, and whether we could make it from town to the hut on foot….

    Info on the hut and its location (link at the bottom of the page with googlemaps):

    Does anyone live in town that might be willing to help out two split-bums? Or what is the next best budget alternative for a place to stay?

    So heart broken, a year of dreaming about the mecca, the sanctuary – the grail of valdez…………crushed. 🙁


    Crazy… They have been running a big promo on the radio for a few months giving away a heli trip. I wonder if the sponsors of the giveaway know about this. We flew with them a few years back and while we did have a great time, we also were not blown away with the service provided. It sounds like over the years, they have gone even further downhill with their costco promos and such.

    I would go to Valdez, rent an RV and set up shop on Thompson pass. Maybe rent some snow machines too. Get creative maybe. And of course, good luck getting your cash back.

    Let us know how it turns out.


    Here’s how it turned: Inside out.

    Trip has been re-jiggered now thanks to the kind folks over at Costco who issued a refund for the certificate part of our trip – we used that money towards an RV and are going full out splitting (instead of just week 1)

    The money paid to VHC for the touring hut is still in limbo – but according to VISA it shouldn’t be a problem to get back once the date they were supposed to start our trip on has passed. Something about being a service, they can’t do a charge back until the service hasn’t been delivered since this company has not yet filed for bankruptcy. Though they said it should only take a couple of days to appear on the card after the date has passed.

    So a total restructure on the trip, but the stoke is high like the chugach! With only a few days left before I leave I’m getting antsy…gear check time!

    PS: Thanks to the help from the locals and I’ll see a few of you guys next week!!!


    For anyone who’s wondering, here’s what VHC looked like two weeks ago.

    And I’ve recieved email from them stating they’ve cancelled their 2012 season (no shit!)


    Best of luck with a refund and hopefully the RV/splitting ends up being awesome.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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