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    Anyone familiar with this area that have accessed it with a snowmobile? What did you think? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    I know this area very well. There are all kinds of good options. PM me with your questions and i will share what i know. Of course the snow conditions are very sketchy right now, but there will be all kinds of oportunities this spring.
    The Gore Range is where it’s at!


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    I saw on the map that there are 3 tow up trails, what did you think of these area’s?
    Are there a lot of other area’s there that you can perhaps cut your own tow up trail?
    Does anyone do any avalanche control in this areas? Have you been up there lately and seen any recent slides? I honestly don’t see too many avalanche observations or incidents at Vail pass on CAIC…
    How strict are they on the “no sled zones”?
    How cut up do the zones get from other snowmobilers?

    Thanks for any insight you can give Travis!


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    Hello Leo

    There are all kinds of tow up options. A lot of the time i go out of the town of Red cliff because of parking issues on Vail Pass. Or out of Camp Hale. the tow up options on Ptarmigan pass are real easy and there is all kinds af area’s that can be riden. You need the forest service day pass pretty much anywhere up there if your on sleds because the forest service patrols the area. the no sled zones are pretty strict, but that is where the splity comes into play :thumpsup: The area gets hit up pretty hard but there is a lot up there. just go explore.

    I dont think there is any avy controll anywhere up there, except when CDOT bombs above I70. I have been going out in East Vail a lot this past few weeks and there is all kinds of slides happening. Definetly a terrible snow pack this year. Low angle is where its at right now.

    As far as the Gore Range, there is all kinds of sled access into this range and then we splitboard into some of the best colorado has to offer! The Gore has steep, big mountain skiing and is a lot more exciting than Vail Pass. Right now the conditions are very unstable and i wouldnt even think of going out there until this spring when it all sets up.

    I hope this helps and PM me if you want to hook up. i am always down for a sled access splity trip.

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    what up travis? whats been going on up in your neck of the woods? word is possible some snow this weekend!! not sure if its gonna make it your direction or not but still want to go out and play in the snow. im thinking somwhere local this weekend, hoping the storm expected hits rmnp since they just opened trail ridge there is some easy access to a nice bowl if it snows good. lets try to get out sometime this april! always doen to go explore on the weekends. lets be in touch.

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    if it snows i would love to get out. I am supper broke, so i cant afford to spend much in gas. i am thinking of going up into whats called Hat Creek between Aspen and Eagle area. it looks like it has more snow pack than the Gore and could be good. let me know if interested. i dont have kids this weekend so i am free to do whatever. Praying for snow!

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